So What Happened Last Night?Mature

Dazzle woke with a start. Sitting up, with a dizzy haze, she saw she was in a bedroom. The room had dark brown-ish red walls with some "modern" art hanging on them. Aside from that, all she could see was a tall double bed to her left and a window with green curtains to her right. 

Getting up slowly, she noticed she wasn't the only one in the room. She picked her way through the sleeping bodies, memories of the previous night flooding to her head. Images of dancing, drinking and drugs passed through her mind, making her lose balance.

Finally she reached the brown wooden door to the hallway. She shoved it open and stumbled out into the white hallways of the house. The floor was covered in spilled drinks, squashed pills and half smoked cigarettes. Suddenly Dazzle felt nauseous and rushed to find the nearest bathroom.

Thankfully the door to the bathroom was right next door and she pushed quickly in, getting to the toilet just in time to puke. The smell only made it worse and Dazzle heaved for a while before finally being calm enough to get up, realising how much of a hangover she really had.

"What was that pill he slipped me last night" She wondered washing her hands and mouth.

Before she could finish her thought, she heard someone beside her. Standing in the door was Eric, looking almost as bad as she felt.

"Hey" He slurred a little, clearly still drunk. Dazzle noticed a bottle of vodka in his hand, as he slowly lifted it to take a swig. "Great party huh?" He smiled, his lopsided smirk not as pleasant as the night before.

"Yeah sure" She smiled a little, suddenly aware of the frightening vibe in the room. "It was cool I guess."

She noticed Eric checking her out, moving closer and forcing her to backup into the wall. He put his arm up, leaning against the wall so his face was close to hers. He moved a little, causing Dazzle to flinch as he whispered in her ear. 

"You know, we didn't even have sex. I think you should share some of the fun, since I shared with you" He snaked his tongue along her neck and she turned away.

Not even bothering to look, he dropped the bottle on the ground and it hit the carpet with a 'Thunk" before rolling over and spilling some of its contents. Using his now free hand, he felt Dazzle up her slender body, ignoring her protests.

"Stop it." She argued sternly, looking him straight in the eye. If there was one thing she knew how to deal with, it was perverted jerks. 

He laughed, moving in for a kiss, as she turned her head away. Instead of giving up he moved with her head getting closer each time she dodged. Eventually he got fed up and tried to hold her head with his hand.

In response, she kicked him hard in the crotch and ran down the hall as he yelped, crumbling to the floor. "Bitch!" She heard him yell down the hall.

Memories of her past flooded her mind, and she shivered trying to ignore them. She dashed out the back door, tripping over someone as she ran. Hitting the ground hard she heard a grunt from behind her.

"Hey whats your deal" She heard someone say. Turning around as she got up she saw Ben, sitting with his hand on his head.

"Sorry" Dazzle replied Sitting next to him. "I was getting away from that creep" 

"Oh, Eric got drunk..." Ben said, rubbing his head and smiling at her sympathetically. "Sorry he gets that way sometimes." He looked over to her and noticed she was crying a little. "Are you okay?"

She nodded, despite the protests from her buzzing mind. "It's nothing" She rubbed away the tears, quickly recovering. "Sorry I never got back to you." She smiled with a sorry look in her eye.

"Its cool, I knew you probably wouldn't be back. Eric has that effect on people"

"Yeah, why didn't you warn me again?" She punched him playfully in the arm

"Well I tried, but you weren't gonna listen anyways"

"Yeah true"

The two of them sat in silence for a while, staring out at horizon. The view from the back yard was amazing. Dazzle could see the sunrise; a backdrop of orange against the tall, multi-colored buildings of LA. In the corner she could just make out the Hollywood sign, its bright bold letters standing out against the vast green of the cliff side. In the distance, she could see a small suburban neighbourhood, with kids on bikes and normal parents doing what normal parents do.

"I could get used to this" She thought, "but then it wouldn't be exciting."

The End

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