The partyMature

Dazzle walked into the room and straight into the shower. She could hear Rocket and Jake finishing their "session" through the wall as she turned on the water. Running her head under the warm spray, she thought about the party... and Eric. 

His lopsided smile, ran through her mind once more and she found herself smiling happily at the thought. But a bang on the door stopped her train of thought and a voice broke through her imaginings.

"Hey I gotta piss!" Said Jake through the old wooden door. "Hurry up!"

Dazzle sighed turning off the water and putting a towel around her. Opening the door she, walked past Jake, who ran into the bathroom and began peeing, without even shutting the door.

Dazzle walked to the double bed and flopped down next to a very happy Rocket, who was smoking a cigarette.

"So I got some good news" Dazzle said, reaching over and getting her own cigarette.

"Oh yeah whats that?" Rocket asked, helping her friend light it.

"Well" Dazzle took a drag and blew out the smoke "I got us invited to a party, with some bands" She said Smiling to herself as she observed the lighter with the flaming heart on it. 

"You're kidding" Rocket gleamed. In response, Dazzle Smiled up and took a drag, blowing the smoke in Rocket's face.

"Nope" She sat, awaiting Rockets, explosion.

"Wow! This is so amazing!" Rocket got up dancing around the room with the bed sheets wrapped around her. "We're going to a party Jake!" She sang happily into the bathroom.

"Woo!" Jake said as the shower started up again.


At around 10pm, the car pulled up to the house on the right, and three teens stepped out dressed in the most glamorous clothing they owned.

Rocket took the lead with Jake bounding up the crowded walkway to the two story suburban house in the quiet neighbourhood. The house was White with a green lawn and it was full of young adults and teens, drinking, dancing and having fun.

As the three walked through the front door, they were greeted with cheers, giggles and the smell of alcohol and drugs. The front room was crowded with young people sitting on couches making out and smoking pot. Others were standing by the record player, listening to the rock and roll songs. To the right was some stairs and teens were bustling up and down with giddy smiles and red faces.

Jake and Rocket instantly disapeared, so Dazzle went to tour the house. She passed by the kitchen, filled to the top with drinks, cups and party food. Some people were chilling on the counter tops, doped up and calm. Others were pouring unsteady drinks and spilling more than getting it into the cup.

She passed through to the dining room, surprisingly empty of anyone, but some people were passing through to go out the back doors to the patio and pool area.

Knowing the water was her calling she took a step into the cool night air. Around her some people were chatting happily and passing a joint. Others were sitting on a bench near the far end of the patio. One person was even in the pool, and as Dazzle moved closer to the water, she recognized it as Ben.

"Hey Ben" She smiled down at the gorgeous blue water and the dark figure moving around in it.

"Oh hey" He smiled "you made it huh?"

"Yeah, my friend is here too... somewhere" She chickled Sitting by the water's edge and removing her wedge sandals, dangling her feet in the water like Ben was earlier.

"Hey why not join me?" Ben asked, but before she could answer she was being pulled in.

Dazzle cried out in surprise, just barely able to prepare herself for the rush of water. Getting a little up her nose, she swam to the surface.

"Hey!" She shouted at Ben "This was Rockets best skirt!" She laughed, despite being a little annoyed at him.

"Now its Rockets best, swim skirt" He laughed at his own hilarity until Dazzle splashed water at him. They continued having a play fight, until a familiar voice came from beside the edge of the pool.

"Hey" Said Eric. "Glad you made it"

"Oh hey" Dazzle replied. "Yeah my friend's here too"

"Yeah I met her, haha, she's crazy alright" He smiled. "Hey do you want a drink or anything?" He asked, ignoring Ben beside Dazzle.

"Uh, sure" Dazzle smiled nervously, before pulling herself out of the pool. She suddenly remembered Ben and smiled down at him "I'll be back soon, and I'll get you back okay?" She giggled.

Ben Smiled politely and said a quick "Ok" but Dazzle knew he was upset. Feeling a little bad she walked to her shoes and put them back on, dripping wet from head to toe.

The two continued back to the kitchen and got some drinks, before being kicked out due to the water Dazzle was leaving behind.

"So what band are you with again?" Eric asked Dazzle, taking a sip of his drink as they sat on a bench together.

"The um... Nightmare Dream Catchers" She replied, also sipping her drink.

"Oh yeah... douchebags are us" He laughed at his own joke and swigged some of his vodka.

"They're not... that bad are they?" She asked nervously, resting the cup in her hands, on her lap. "I mean a lot of people like them right?"

"Well yeah.. but they don't know the real guy." He put his drink on a table. "You know I used to be in a small band with him. But we never got anywhere so I left. Yet somehow I ended up his opening act" He said bitterly, looking down at the patio.

"Oh... well thats not so bad. It means that people see you first right?" Dazzle asked, puzzled.

"Yes but we don't get as much publicity. And which would you remember? The band that played first, or last"

"Last I suppose" Dazzle sipped her drink again and soon finished it all.

"You sure drink fast." Eric laughed looking at her.

"Well yeah but I'm tired of looking like a good girl" She smirked at him.

For a second time seemed to slow down. They both stopped and looked at each other. Before She knew it, Dazzle was kissing him and they were both moving closer to each other. She completely forgot about the world and it seemed like it was just her and Eric on the planet. Then suddenly the kiss finished and everything was back to normal with a slight haze. Eric had slipped her a pill and she swallowed it willingly.

"That's a good drug" Eric said smiling. "I think you'll like it."

The End

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