The MotelMature

The small motel room was a terrible sight. The walls were painted a beige color and the furniture was old and worn. On the back wall there was a small square window with a broken curtain only covering one side. On the right of the window there was a single bed with green and yellow sheets, beside that, a mahogany bedside table, and finally a matching double bed beside the bathroom wall. The bathroom, was to the right of the front door; it was small and bleak, with pale blue tiles covering the whole room and nothing but a toilet and a sink connected to the wall. There was no bathtub, only a shower head hanging from the roof and a drain on the floor.

"Ew" Rocket said softly, dropping her bags on the double bed.

Dazzle only sighed and threw her stuff on the floor by the single bed, plopping down on it like a brick into water. "At least there's a pool" She said staring at the roof.

Jake brought in the rest of the bags and bounced onto the double bed, as rocket, who was in the bathroom, came out and lied beside him.

Dazzle didn't need to look to know they were making out. Sighing, she got up and left for the pool, taking a complimentary towel with her.

Swimming was something Christine loved, so Dazzle wondered if it was still allowed, even with her new persona. Realizing she was being silly, she sat down on the warm pavement by the pool and peeled off her clothing, to her panties and bra. She figured no one really swam in the glistening water, and so she didn't mind not having a swim suit. Getting ready at the deep end of the pool she thought of her own pool, back home.

She always swam as a kid and when her parents finally bought a house, her dad built a pool for his "Special little girl." Of course after that everything went sour and she only ended up swimming in it for one summer....

Shuddering at the memories she dove into the clear blue liquid, letting the cool water wash over her body. She swam the entire length of the pool and back before re-surfacing to get a breath.

"Hey" A voice came from above.

Startled, Dazzle jumped a little and clung to the edge. She looked up to see a blond haired, blue eyed, hottie standing above her. He wore a black T-shirt, blue jean bell bottoms and his hair was long and shaggy, a common style among the guys in her old town.

"That was a pretty good dive" He said flashing a sexy white smile. "I'm Ben"

"I'm Chris-- Dazzle" She smiled shyly, runner her hands over her hair to smooth it back.

"Dazzle huh?" He smiled again and sat down at the water's edge. "What brings you to nowhere Dazzle?"

"I'm here with a friend, we're following a band she liked" She replied. "What about you?"

In response he rolled up his jeans and dangled his legs in the water slowly. "I'm here with a band, we're going to a battle of the bands concert, I'm the Rhodie" He gestured at the motel behind him.

"What band are you with" Dazzle asked moving beside him and resting her arms on the edge of the pool.

"Midnight Storm" Ben replied "What band are you and your friend following?"

"Nightmare Dream Catchers" She kicked a little in the water.

"Oh yeah? We're going on tour with them, if you're following, we'll be seeing a lot of each other" He smiled another sweet smile and suddenly the door smashed open and people came flooding through.

Before she realized what was happening, Dazzle found herself surrounded by men, listening to rock and roll music and splashing around in the pool. One of the guys swam over to her and Ben, his long black hair almost covering half his face.

"Hey Ben, who's your friend?" Dazzle couldn't tell, but she thought he was winking at her.

"Hey Eric, this is Dazzle. She's following Greg's band with her friend" He smiled to his buddy, who Dazzle only assumed was in Midnight Storm.

"Hey I'm Eric" He fixed his hair and Dazzle got a look at his face properly. He had one brown eye, one blue eye and a scar along his right cheek. His teeth were a little crooked, but otherwise white and he had a lopsided smile.

Instantly Dazzle felt a tingle up her spine. She smiled a little and tried to contain the excitement she felt at meeting an actual band member, even if she didn't know the band. "I'm Dazzle, nice meeting you" She giggled a bit, at his strangely attractive features.

"Nice meeting you too. Hey we're heading to a party soon, want to come?" He smiled his lopsided smile again, and Dazzle instantly knew she liked him.

"Sure I'll bring my friend too" She smiled back, as he was called by another guy.

"Should be fun" Said Ben "Hope to see you and your friend there. Anyways I gotta get something to eat" He said getting up and standing by the water's edge. "See you around" He waved a bit and left out the door.

Dazzle didn't waste any time. She hoisted herself on the pool edge, grabbed her clothes and went back to the room to tell Rocket the good news.

The End

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