The CarMature

Heading out to the car, Christine Dropped her bag to light a smoke. Pulling out her lighter with the flaming skull on it, she looked over at Amy and Jake, flirting again. 

She sighed and picked her bag up again heading to the car near the gas pumps.

"Are you done yet? You can fuck at the hotel you know" She looked at them expectantly and they both got in the car with her in the back. She rolled her window down and puffed at her cigarette; staring at the rest stop they pulled into. 

Having been on the desert road for an hour, coming from Bakersfield, they had not yet reached their destination, the small motel on the outskirts of LA. The Small red mustang had been a prison for the drive, so after begging from Amy, they stopped long enough to piss and get out.

Christine looked out at the long brown jungle, filled with snakes, lizards and scorpions; things Christine knew she'd be running into on this crazy rebellious journey. 

"Hey" Said a high pitched voice from in front of Christine. Amy.

"What?" Christine said Sucking her last breath from the cigarette and throwing it out the window.

"We should change our names. You know? Like who wants to hang out with a couple 17 year old's named Christine and Amy?" She smiled at Christine.

"Sure... I guess" Christine replied nonchalantly. "To what?"

"What about Angel Spark" Jake Piped up from the wheel.

"NO" Both girls shouted at once.

"Okay, okay" He replied. "Just suggesting"

"Well don't darling, its not your strongest suit" Said Amy playfully kissing Jake's neck and rubbing somewhere Christine would rather not see.

"Hey, I'm still here" Christine said, vividly. Immediately Amy backed off and sat down laughing. 

"I think I wanna be called Rocket" Amy giggled. "It's sexy and firery, right Jake?"

Christine could see his medium length brown hair bob a little behind the headrest.

"Just like you, darling" He winked at her, using his free hand to rub her bare leg.

"Sweet" She said looking out the window and pulling out a piece of bubble gum" So what about you Doll face?" She asked Christine without looking at her. 

"I don't know... Chris-- Nah.. What about... hmm." Said Christine, moving to the front and grabbing her own piece of gum. "I have no idea" She said unwrapping the pink square and popping it in her mouth, tasting the sweet, sugary cube.

"I think you should be called Dazzle, since your so, well, Dazzling!" Amy play giggled looking back at Christine, with her Small round lips, pale blue eyes and contrasting brunette hair; blowing slightly in the wind from the open window. "Definitely Dazzle! Right Jake?"

Jake nodded and Christine could feel his blue-grey eyes, looking her up and down in the rear view mirror. Christine noted how much of an ass he was, and turned to face her friend again.

Christine Smiled a bit at Am- Rocket. "Fine Dazzle. Dazzle... last name?" She asked.

"Honey, where we're going, all you'll need to say is Dazzle" Rocket winked turning back to see a road sign up ahead. "Almost there!" she Giggled like a little girl on her birthday.

Jake smiled at Dazzle and once again focused on the road.

"Here we go" He muttered to himself.

The End

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