Part one: EscapeMature

70's. Rock and Roll. Teens and the "life". Nuff said :P

Christine put on the biker boots she's wanted for so long. The slender Black boots slid easily onto her foot and up her ankle. She stared longingly at the beautiful silver studs around the platform base and smiled. 

"How much" She asked, not bothering to look at the shop assistant.

"$20" Said the black haired girl to her left.

"Perfect." She said shoving her converse into her bag and slamming the 20 dollar bill on the counter before walking out, grinning from ear to ear. "Tonight I get away" She smirked, almost skipping down the pavement as she walked down the two blocks to her house. 

She knew her mom would flip. But it doesn't matter now. She's getting out. Away from the greedy hands of her mom's latest train-wreck relationship. Away from her alcoholic father who couldn't keep his hands off his own daughter, let alone any teenage girl. Away from the pain.

With a quick "Hi" Christine bounded up the stairs to her poster covered room and packed her bags with a shine in her eye.

Suddenly there was a tap on the window and in crawls Amy, the tall skinny blond bitch every girl wants to be and every guy wants to see naked.

"Hurry up c***" Amy chirped biting her nail. "Jake's got the car"

"Whatever" Christine threw her jacket at Amy, God knows that girl needs one. A skimpy jean skirt and a baby rolling stone's t-shirt over her huge boobs, wasn't exactly covering much.

Amy only laughed bouncing around the room giggling.

"We're going on tour with a band! We're groupies now!" She laughed

"Shut up! My mom will hear you, and then I'll never get out of here" Christine snapped zipping up her duffel back and grabbing her secret stash of vodka from the closet.

Amy only laughed and fluttered to the window, easily maneuvering out of the box like window.

Before following her out, Christine looked one last time at the room she'd lived in for 16 years. The posters she collected over the years covered every wall, the original pink paint hidden behind the Rolling stones, Alice cooper, Black Sabbath; all the best band's she's seen. She pulled out her polaroid camera and took a quick pick of the life she's leaving behind. Instead of taking it though she scribbled on it before tossing it on the bed and moving out the window, not looking back.

Sitting on the four poster bed, in the middle of the rebellion- filled room, was a polaroid pic of an empty room and a note written in a sharpie pen, saying "Thanks for the bullshit. Not coming back --- Ex daughter Christine."

The End

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