What actually happened?Mature

 Still in form

Keeli, Jack, Yusei, Kai and Thierry are taking to Leon

"Hay where have you been?" asked Kai, "you're been gone for a day", "what happened?" asked Jack and Yusei "hold on let Leon explain" said Keeli putting her phone down, "Leon what happened after the party?"

"Well after Sakura was taken out of the hall we took her back to her room and preformed a healing spell and after that i remember falling a sleep in her room", "where were you sleeping in her room?" asked Thierry getting ready to punch Leon if he said the wrong answer

Ummm i could tease him this will be fun Leon thought with a big smile on his face "why do you want to know where i slepted?","cause i want to know"

Keeli, Jack, Yusei and Kai was just listening to them "Leon where did you sleep then?" asked Kai moving closer to Leon "come on we want to know"Jack said moving closer as well

"well lets just say this her bed was really comfortable", "LEON!!!!", "oh ow i better run" Leon legged it "HAY GET BACK HERE" Ding Dong the bell went for lunch.....

"See yar Thierry" Leon ran down the corridor laughing "YOU BETTER RUN" Thierry ran after him, "should we follow them?" asked Yusei leaving the room "nar Leon just teasing him"replied Kai, "oh well he can chase him for the rest of the day we only have night classes" Jack said to them walking down the corridor

"yer true but i'm going to see Sayer then what are you guys going to do?" asked Keeli with a coffee in her hand "sleep","do nothing","try to hack the schools cameras", "why do you want to do that Yusei?", "cause i want to mess it up"

They walked off back to there dorm to have lunch then do what they want.


Thierry is still chasing Leon, they're on the field just beyond the cherry blossom trees

"LEON GET BACK HERE NOW!!!" shouted Thierry running across the field with Leon still laughing "NO Ha ha ha" shouted back Leon, they have just past the last cherry blossom tree

"i can't be bothered to run any more" Leon said laying down on the grass,"good cause now i can PUNCH YOU" replied Thierry getting ready to punch "Thierry i was joking i slept on the sofa in her room", "WHAT!!!, so why you say that?", "cause i wanted to tease you"

"why tease me for?"Thierry sat on the grass next to Leon,"to show how much you like her and won't let anyone else take her away from you","i do not" Thierry turned away and was blushing

"so why are you blushing for i know you like her cause you've kissed her before",Thierry went red "how'd you know that","it was when you told me to go back to class and Alex was blackmailing Sakura",Thierry was thinking"And when Alex walked off you was talking to her cause she started to cry ....","ummmmm","And then kissed her"

"YOU SAW THAT","don't worry i won't say nothing and...." Thierry turned to look at him "why don't you go and see her if you're worried", "i don't know what dorm she is in","i know where she is but....."," but what?"

"i half to get Julian's permission", "......why do you have to ask him for??", "cause he said so","what? why do you half to ask him he's not the boss", "no but it's for Sakura's safety", "fine", "hold on i'll call him" Leon picked up his phone (iphone)

Phoning Julain.......

Hello,   Hi is it ok if Thierry sees Sakura?,  ........not now though maybe tomorrow,   i don't think he's going to be happy with that.....

"Thierry he says you can't now", "why??? let me talk to him" Thierry took the phone

Julian it's Thierry why can't i see her now?...... oh hi Thierry you can't see her at the moment..... why not??........ cause she is sleeping now and we don't want to disturb her........ fine........ we'll let you know when you can see her, can you put Leon back on ....... ok bye.......

"Leon he wants to talk to you again" Thierry pasted the phone back to him       ere..... we can't let him see her till she wakes up and then let her do what she wants....... that sounds fair ok talk to you later bye........ bye.... Leon put his phone back into his pocket

The End

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