Will she recover?Mature

Guardian's dorm

Julian put Sakura down on her bed "will she be alright?" asked Momiji crying a bit "yer but we need to recover her now" Julian quickly pulled up a screen in mid air, he is calling the main house (calling the other 85 guardians, they are all at the main house) "hello?" "Hi, we heard about Sakura" replied Katie and Mark "yer, we need everyone to connect there powers into the crystal now"

(everyone wears a blue crystal around there neck, it can heal any wounds and keeps thier powers under control)

Everyone wearing the crystal connected there powers and started to glow blue, everyone at the main house, in Sakura's room and even Leon was glowing.

(Leon doesn't have any powers but the guardians give the crystal to thier friends like Leon who know about the guardians and have know them for a long time and it protects them)

Sakura glowed while a full scan went over her, everyones power was going into the crystal and being sent to Sakura. Her crystal was glowing as well but was floating in the air, to make a full recovery they all must say said persons name as a spell.

"To release the evil and heal the brave save SAKURA ATLAS" "RELEASE" then the light from Sakura's crystal release into the room and cover the room.

The light from the crystal faded and everyone's crystal stopped glowing "right lets check her pulse rate" said Momiji picking up her arm "thanks everyone" Julian said to everyone in the room and at the main house.

"it's alright but tell us how she gets on, ok bye"replied Mark, he was speaking on behalf of everyone at the main house "see yar" the screen disappeared, then Julian made sure she's ok.

"Leon are you ok?" asked Ryuu "yer i think soo...." Leon could barely stand, "give me your arm" said Saki putting Leon's arm over her sholder, she walked him over to the sofa (there's a sofa in everyones room) Julian walked over to him, he put his hand on his head "you're just tired, from casting the spell you need to get some rest"

"ok but i want to keep an eye on Sakura if thats ok?" "yer it's ok just lie down here" Leon layed down on the sofa and just went to sleep, one of the girls put a cover over Leon.

Everyone else left but Momiji, Julian, Hanon and Rina stayed for a while. Day later....

Leon woke "urrrrr" he groaned pushing the cover off of him, "oh you're a wake" asked Momiji, "how is she?", "she's stable but she needs to rest, take medicine and we half to keep an eye on her pulse" he checked her pulse and her head, he lifted his hand above her head and cooled her off.

"Hay i thought only Julian was allowed to do that?" asked Leon walking over still half a sleep "no i'm a doctor too", "huh?", "yer i may look young but i'm a year younger than Sakura",

 "oh so you're 15, so you and Julian are the main doctors", "yer and we are" replied Momiji smiling

"May i ask how old is Thierry?", "ummmm....16 why?", Leon says he's 16 Julian Momiji thought to Julian he's 16, good,thanks for telling me, "you're part of the night dorm aren't you?",

"yer so is the gang and how long have you been coming here?", "since i was 11 years old and so has everyone else" replied Momiji whilest standing up and walking to the door.

"Where are you going?", "no where, just letting someone in" Momiji opened the door and Jinx walked in (Momiji heard Jinx at the door) "she follows her every where", "yer.... oh yer i just remembered something...","what?",

"Keeli and the rest is looking for you", "where are they now?", Momiji looked at his watch "form i think" then he looked back at Leon "thanks"

Leon started to walk to the door, put his hand on the door handle.... "Leon" he turned to face Momiji "be careful, you're still weak and if you need anything come and find one of us", "thanks for caring" Leon left the room and was heading to form.

Few minutes later... Momiji left the Sakura's room, "Jinx, watch her for me" Jinx nodded and Momiji went to the lounge.

Lounge.... Momiji walked through the door "hay how is she?" asked Momoko "doing fine Jinx is with her and Leon has gone back to class", "Momiji you look tired" said Julian putting his book down

(he's sitting on a brown round swivel chiar)

"a bit", "you should of said i would of watched her", "no you had work to do so i didn't disturb you", "it wouldn't have mattered", "i think you should get some sleep" said Takuya. Momiji walked over to the sofa (corner sofa), just layed on it and went to sleep.

"I don't get why he didn't ask you to watch her" Rin said walking over with a coffee in her hand, "yer normaly he would of" replied Kyo, "i think he is trying to do things for him self, which is good" replied Julian picking his book.

Ami put a cover on him and put a bottle on the table in front of him.

Near form south side of school....

Leon was walking past the south hall, he looked and thought no ones around, how long was i a sleep? then he walked a bit more down the hallway, then he was at form he opened the door "ah Leon i see you better" said Goodwin standing in front of the class.

"Yer sorry for not saying where i was this morning", "no need to Rin and Kaito signed you in" ,"oh i didn't know i'll thank them later", "take your seat Leon" he walked over towards the back and sat down next to Jack and the rest.

"I half to attend a board meeting so i'll be leaving early" Goodwin lefted the room, "i need to mark some work so just do what you like" said Daminen sitting down behind his desk ....

The End

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