I hate you Alex and will he find out part 2Mature


"I don't half to do what you say, you're not the boss of me" "i think i am, you don't want people to find out about you, do you" "why are blackmailing me and why do you want to go out with me, i know you like Keeli" "cause i want to mess with Thierry, you're cute and how do you now that?" "i have my way of knowing things" "that's not the point, you will do as i or people will find out" Alex grabbed Sakura by the arm "oww that hurts" Thierry walked round the corner "Alex let go of her!!!" Thierry kicked him, Alex fell to the floor, smiled and got back up.

"Thierry leave it" "Sakura i saw what he did and there is something going on" "i think you do as she said" said Alex walking through the doors with Sakura, Thierry ran into the ballroom "ALEX!! what did you do to her?" the room went quiet, "what did you do?" asked Leon, he noticed that Sakura's arm was red "why is her arm red?" asked Leon, Thierry only just noticed.

The guardians was moving everyone away from them "Alex we've had enough of you" said Julain "so did she tell you?"asked Alex "no we found out" replied Saki "tell them what?" asked Thierry "nothing"said Sakura.

"Come on Sakura why don't you tell them" said Alex "no she can't" Leon said walking towards her "what do you mean she can't?" asked Thierry "she knows that if she tells people will know..." " JUST SHUT UP ALEX!!!" ummm she's going to tell thought so thought Alex with a grin on his face "he's... he's blackmailing me and if i didn't do as he asked he would of told people"

"i thought you would tell him" "ALEX!! you bastard" said Thierry going to punch him but he moved with Sakura "since you told him i will tell everyone that you're..." he grabbed the microphone "A WITCH!!!" everyone was shocked and it was good Goodwin didn't here "and i can prove it"...

He quickly pulled out a syringe and injected her with a liquid that contains some of the elemental powers which can make any with powers show there true selfs "this should prove that she is a witch" said Alex with a evil look on his face but when he injected her but it didn't go as he thought it would "ARRRRRRR" Sakura screamed at the top of her voice and fell to the floor, she was having a allergic reaction

"wait that's not meant to happen" Alex was looking very worried, "SAKURA" the guardians came running, one of them put there arms around her "what was that you injected her with?" asked Kyo "it contains elemental power which should of shown her powers but..." Alex picked up the syringe and looked at the liquid that was still in there, Alex thought oh bugger "well what is in it?" asked Julain, Sakura was still on the floor gasping for breath.

"It's vampire meat but i didn't put that in there i put in the over stuff" all the guardians freeze with shock, Julain quickly turned around "SHE'S ALLERGIC TO VAMPIRE MEAT" shouted Julain "but i didn't put that in there" Julain looked at him reading his mind "JULAIN, HE DIDN'T PUT THAT IN THERE" shouted Leon everyone looked at him "what is going to happen to her" asked Thierry, the guardians stood still, all with really sad faces "she's...." "she's what?" asked Thierry "she's... She's GOING TO DIE" replied Julain, Leon was crying (but he knew that she would die from vampire meat but he didn't expect that it was going to happen) "what??" said Thierry in a sad tone, he was shocked but then "SAKURA" shouted Momiji

Sakura was coughing up blood because the vampire meat has gotten into her blood stream and it doesn't take long for it to get her heart and the rest of her body. "SAKURA" shouted Leon running up to her, Thierry, the gang and some of the night students tried to go with Leon but Kyo, Yuki, Katio and Ryuu was holding them all back "stay back no one is allowed to come near Sakura" shouted Yuki "but why is Leon there?" asked Jack and Yusei "because he has been helping Sakura through this" replied Rin walking towards the boys, then whispered something to them, with Sakura there is Julian, Momiji, Rina, Hanon, Riko, Ami, Momoko, Saki and Leon making sure she's alright cause she is still coughting up blood.

Keeli, Sayer, Kai, Jack and Yusei was trying to push through the boys "move or i'll punch the living day lights out of you!!!!" said Jack "like hell you will" replied Katio, then all of a sudden the windows smash, lighting struck the windows a SMALL dark shadow appeared by the windows no one noticed the figure, everyone looked towards the windows but the figure caught Momiji's eye and it also caught Keeli and Sayer's eye too. Every thing seemed to have calm down but then SMASH  all of a sudden Sakura was flung to the wall and fell to the floor, Sakura got up but still dizzy and started to walk towards the guardians but collapsed to the floor "SAKURA" shouted the guardians but before she could fall to the floor Julian caught her.

Julain quicky checked her poles rate, "her poles rate is dropping fast" "we need to get her out of here" replied Ami, two of the guardians got the door, Julian and the rest of the guardians followed him and so did Leon before any else can follow they quicky shut the doors. Thierry, Kai, Jack and Yusei was still shocked but Keeli and Sayer was still wondering who was that figure.

One of the staff walked in and told everyone they had to go by orders from the head, so everyone left but nothing will ever be calm at St Nathaniels forthe gifted....

The End

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