I hate you Alex and will he find outMature

3 days later school assembly...

The school assembly is held in the magics arena (but the normal students don't know it's a magics arena they think it's just a performance arena but the over performance arena is being redone). Goodwin was going on about the coming events, Keeli was talking to the gang (telepathic) this is so boring thought Keeli to the gang all i here is blah blah blah thought Yusei and Jack

hay i just had an idea we should make Emma's phone go off  thought Kai, good idea but we don't have her number thought Jack ask Sakura but she is on the over side of the arena replied Keeli,  hay Leon and Thierry are next to her i didn't know they where there thought Yusei if you want Emma's number i will give it to you thought Sakura to them we where listening thought Leon and Thierry hold on i will send it to you Sakura said while texting Keeli, Keeli texted back saying thanks for helping :).

It has sent 3 2 1 beep beep everyone in the arena heard the phone "WHO'S PHONE IS THAT?" asked Goodwin shouting to everyone "it's Emma's phone" shouted Kai but Goodwin didn't see him "Emma come to my office after assembly" said Goodwin "ha ha ha" everyone laughed "right i'm handing you over to the guardains" Goodwin walked back down the tunelhall.

"Good day everyone i'm Julain for those that don't know me" "coming up this Saturday there is going to be a rave party for every here and on Sunday there is another for some of the dorms that we decided should have there own rave party, the night dorm is invited but only the people we want there" said Kyo "cause some people in that dorm has done some thing to our leader before and is still trying to, oh and there is a v.i.p list for that day and Sakura decided who was on the list"said Kaito, everyone turned to face her.  

Goodwin walked in again "have you done?" asked Goodwin "yes we have" said Julain "good becuase we are going to have someone sing for us and i didn't know she can sing" "who" asked some students shouting out "Miss Sakura Atlas" "WHAT" said Sakura

"come on down here now" Goodwin snapped his figures and Sakura was next to him "go on then Lady Sakura" said Goodwin walking away, Sakura turned to face the guardains "should we do Angels" asked Momiji "yer i like that one" replied Sakura, she turned to face everyone then she made a microphone appeared "i'm going to sing Angels" (Within temptation: Angels). 4 minutes, 4 seconds later... Sakura and the Guardains left "wow".

Saturday, this first rave....

Tonight is the rave party for the people but Sakura is walking round school looking for the people who's on the v.i.p liast for tomorrow (they have to stay in school at the weekends unless they are allowed to go out but Goodwin decides that) Keeli and the gang was in the ICT room trying to hack the code for Goodwins computer, "this is harder than i thought" said Yusei

"we'll stay in here all day till we hack it" replied Jack sitting on a chair with his feet up "hay have any of you be invited to the party tomorrow?" asked Kai "no" replied everyone but then Sakura walked in "i thought i might find you guys here" "hay, why are you here?" asked Jack "i came to give you guys this" Sakura passed them all a invitation, with v.i.p on the front "i came to say you're on the v.i.p list for tomorrow" "really" asked Kai "thanks Sakura" said Keeli, Leon and Thierry

"i was going to give them to you the over day before assembly but Goodwin moved the day of the assembly" "may i ask why are you having two parties?" asked Jack "well tonight is just for the normal people and tomorrow is for like the night dorm with everyone, so it can be a proper party duh" replied Sakura.

"Is Alex invited?" asked Thierry looking at her "no way" "thats good then isn't it Sakura" said Leon standing next to her. "By the way you can't hack Goodwin's computer from here" said Sakura "how do you know?" asked Yusei "cause i know and i will show you how to on Monday" Sakura left the room "okay since that's done lets go and get own neon outfits" said Keeli walking out the room with the gang.

Sunday night half way through the rave...

Nearly all of the night dorm was there but one or two people wasn't there like Alex, he was invited because it was for everyone in the night dorm (the rave is being held in the ball room, it is very big but they made it look all neon but it has mainly black on the walls) Sakura was dancing with the gang and some of the guardains and some people from the night dorm. Meanwhile Alex was standing outside near the window seeing where Sakura was and saw her, Sakura come out here now said Alex to her why, to talk Sakura walked away from the gang

Leon was the only one who noticed that she was gone. "What do you want?" "a little birdie told me you didn't want me here, well" "maybe" "we have a deal that you do as i say or people will find out" Sakura rolled her eyes, back at the rave Leon was standing by the window watching them making sure they don't see him "Leon what are you looking at?" asked Thierry walking towards him "nothing" Leon was trying to make sure he doesn't look out the window "ok, have you seen Sakura any where, she has been gone for a while" "umm... well i think she is with the guardains near the main door" (the main door is on the over side of the room, it is huge).

Thierry was thinking why he was attacking weird for "Leon tell me where she is" "like i said sees over there" "no really where is she" then he noticed there was people outside "she's out side" Leon thought bugger, Thierry walked away "Thierry she's...".

The End

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