Is Thierry going to find out?Mature

At the guardians dorm...

"wow your dorms are huge" "come on" Sakura put her hand on the wall BEEP the wall has a scan in it, then the gates opened "come on everyone will be in the den"said Sakura running through the front gardan... "here they are"said Leon "hay Sakura what's up?"said Riko and Hanon "Julian i need to tell you some thing" "what is it?" "you know Alexander Thierry's brother he kissed me and said that if i don't go out with him he is going to tell Goodwin that i'm a witch" "WHAT!!!"shouted Julain, Hanon, Riko, Kyo and Momiji "it's true i was there"

"oh this is Leon right" asked Momiji "yer i gave Sakura back her memory of all of us and when we met" "good we know about that but Alexander is blackmailing you" "yer" "we'll go punch his lights out"said Kyo, Yuki and Momiji "he also said that she can't tell Thierry" "Sakura you can't tell him it is bad if people found out" "i don't care if people fined out i want to tell Thierry" "Sakura you can't and if people fine out..." "what will they do if they find out about her?" asked Leon "we don't know but Goodwin and the vampire dorm will try to kill her" said Riko

"But i'm in the vampire dorm and so is the gang" "yer we know about that we know everything about everyone"said Momiji "really?" "yer thats true but what are we going to do?"asked Sakura "we will keep an eye on Alexander and we will tell the others"said Julain "others?" "yer the is 50 boys and 50 girls in the guardaina but the is only 15 here including me" "oh yer i think i remember that, so there is seven boys and seven girls here" "yer there is, for the boys there is Julain, Momiji, Kyo, Yuki, Ryuu, Kaito, Takuya"said Hanon

"and for the girls the is Riko, Hanon, Rina, Rin, Ami, Momoko and Saki"said Yuki "and Sakura as our leader but the other 2 boys are with the other 4 girls some where" "thanks you guys but Thierry might find out and i don't want to go out with Alexander" "yer but we will keep it from him"said Momiji "oh but Thierry is in Sakura's class" said Kaito walking through the door with the others "we know whats happened, Julain told us"said Ami "you guys are telepathic" "yer nice to meet you, you know our names but i'm Ami, this is Saki, Momoko, Rina and Riko" "and i'm Kaito and this is Takuya" "hi" said the peoples "hi i'm Leon but you know that" "yer and you're in Sakura class to" "i am" "i have an idea"said Julain

10 minutes later...

"so you know what to do then"said Julain "yes" "i'm going back to my dorm, oh Sakura do you want to come?" "is it ok if i go Julain?" "yer be good" "you ack like her brother" "yer he does so i treat him like my brother, lets go then" Sakura and Leon walked to his dorm and Julain and the rest went back to working (as normal).

Night dorm...

"Sakura, put your hood up"said Leon walking into the night dorms, Sakura was wearing her hoodie, trackies and trainer but it is a different colour, Leon looked through the doors "good every one are still in there classes, hold on to my arm"Sakura grabbed his arm and they was gone in a second (vampire speed) "here is my dorm" "do you share with any one?" "no we all have a room each" they walked in "wow it is nice" they walked over to window, Sakura put her hood down "very nice view" "not as nice as your front gardan" "umph"

"Sakura, is what Alexander said still bothering you?" "yer it is i don't know what to do now" "oh come here" Leon hugged Sakura when "hay Leon your back..."said Yusei walking through the door with the gang "hay Sakura what are you doing here?"asked Keeli "yer and why were you huging Sakura Leon?"asked Thierry, they both looked at each other and giggled. "Huh?"said the gang with confused looks on their faces "no reason" Sakura smiled "hay Leon where was you earlier" asked Kai "i was with Sakura cause i was worried about her from earlier" "oh, i thought you might be" said Keeli walking over to them Ding Dong the bell went

"hay who's in your class Keeli?"asked Sakura "Yusei is, Jack and Kai are together and Leon and Thierry who's in yours?" "Leon and Thierry" "i didn't know Leon was in the same class as us" "yer didn't you now Thierry, come on if not i'm going to sit next to Sakura" "k" they left to go to their classes.

4 weeks later...

It has been 4 weeks since Alexander kissed Sakura and she has been avoiding him for 4 weeks and hope that she won't see him but thats not going to happen, Sakura was walking to her last lessons when Alexander appeared out of no where "hay why have you been avoiding me?"he pushed her against the wall "cause i don't want to go out with you duh" "well you know if you don't Goodwin and everyone will know that your a witch, so i would do as i say or else" Alexander grabbed her and was about to kiss her when Thierry walked around the corner

"hay don't you dare Alex" Thierry ran up to him, pulled him away from her and punched him "don't you come near her again" Alex got up "umm punching your own brother and i think you should let Sakura chose if i can see her" Alex was staring at her and so was Thierry "she wouldn't want you to come near her..." "Thierry its ok i don't..." Sakura started to cry when Leon appeared "Sakura don't cry and you i thought i told you not to do that again or i'll kick your ass" shouted Leon hugging Sakura who was crying "Leon what do you mean if he does that again?"asked Thierry "go on tell him" Leon looked at Sakura then looked away "i thought so, ohh Sakura remember what i said" Alex was gone.

"Sakura what was that about?" asked Thierry, Sakura had her head down "Thierry do you what me to go?" asked Leon "you can start to go to class and tell the teacher we'll be late" Leon walked around the corner and was gone "SAKURA" "it's nothing" "there is i saw what he was going to do there must be something wrong" "there is nothing wrong" "Sakura there is, why aren't you telling me?"

"CAUSE I CAN'T" shouted Sakura crying "i'm sorry" she started to run but then Thierry grabbed her arm "why can't you tell me?" "i can't" "SAKURA..." she turned to face him "don't you trust me?" "i do trust you but i can't tell you" "Sakura you know you can tell me anything i'm here for you i can help " Sakura had her head turned the over way again "Sakura..." she turned to face him "yer...." Thierry pulled her closer and kissed her. "If you won't tell me i will find out" "Thierry..." he hugged her but they didn't notice that Alex was standing around the corner listening good i thought she would tell him but bro here might find out himself ummm this will be fun.....

The End

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