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In Goodwins office...

"I know you don't want to be here and all but when your my school you will be punished and only you will be punished" said Goodwin all i hear is blah blah blah blah, thought Keeli to Leon same it is so boring... Sakura walked in "ar Lady Sakura thanks for coming" said Goodwin "hay what is she doing here doing here?"asked Jack "well Sakura was losing her temper again" replied Goodwin, they looked at each other and then looked at her " i didn't lose my temper" "right oh yer Keeli and the rest ...." Goodwin was having a right go at them...

20 minutes... "you can leave now" said Goodwin Keeli and the gang muttered under there breaths "oh Sakura i don't think people want to see your bad side do they, so be a good little lady and keep your gob shut"Goodwin said with a evil voice "this is blackmail" "i know" Sakura turned and walked out "hay Sakura why did you come for?" asked Kai " no reason "replied Sakura with her head down a bit

" whats wrong" asked Jack "nothing just leave me alone" replied Sakura, she turned and started to walk off, "come on lets go with her"said Jack to Yusei and Thierry but Keeli stopped them " no me, Kai and Leon will go cause she will talk to us" Keeli said walk off with Kai and Leon. Jack, Yusei and Thierry went to go back to the dorm to plan for the escape.

The woods...

Sakura was walking to the woods and Keeli, Kai and Leon went to talk to her "hay Sakura whats wrong?" asked Leon "Sakura you can tell us whats wrong"said Keeli "we won't tell the others, is it Goodwin?"asked Kai "yer" they looked at each other "come on you can trust us"said Keeli "well ..."15 minutes later... at the Keeli's dorm... "we know whats wrong with her"said Kai "so whats wrong with her then?"asked Thierry "come on tell us"said Jack "we can't tell you"replied Keeli "why not?" asked Yusei "we said to her that we won't tell you guys"Kai said

"thats stupid why does that stupid girl..."said Jack "just shut up you don't know how she feels or what she's going through"replied Leon "i'm going, oh and Jack i can't belive you treat people like that"Leon said walking to his room "whats up with you Leon?" asked Keeli walking towards him "nothing i just don't want to see Sakura like that" "what do you mean?"asked Thierry "i have seen this before and it doesn't turn out good"replied Leon about to cry "oh come here"said Keeli giving Leon a hug.

Ding dong... "come on it's lunch what do you want to do?"asked Yusei "can't we relax for once?"asked Kai "yer we'll take the rest of the day off"replied Keeli "good i need it"said Jack lying down on his bed "same here"said Kai, Thierry and Yusei. Leon left the room, Keeli and Thierry noticed as well but Keeli saw Thierry look as well so she left it and let Thierry work it out, she smiled and turned to face the window and she fought she saw Alexander and he was sitting there listening. He thought maybe i should go lead Sakura a ear and with that he was gone.


Sakura was walking around the field then layed down then Leon appeared "hay are you alright now?" "yer thanks and you how are you?" "fine but..." Leon paused, Sakura sat up "but i have seen this before and it was the same as yours" "oh" "Sakura the person who it was..." "who?"

 "you, we have met before and you know Keeli and the rest remember" "i don't remember i know my memory got erased a while ago.... oh Thierry said he had his erased to" "yer that is true and if you want to remember i can help" "how?" "i got my memory back when you told me what happened and how long and if i put my hands on your head and i remember when we met and when it got erased" "really?" "yer and i remember that we were friends... are you ready?" "yer" Leon put his hands on her head, Sakura closed her eyes and remember when they all meant, Leon glowed and so did Sakura.

Then Leon took his hands off of her head "do you remember?" Sakura opened her eyes "yer Leon"Sakura hugged Leon and Leon hugged her and they both started to cry "thank you i remember" "yer i missed you lots" "same oh should we tell the others" "we can't cause they need to get their memory back to but i can't do it, i only can do it to you" "oh but it will be fun cause they will try to figure it out" "oh yer that will be fun" they both laughed "come on lets go" said Leon getting up, they walked to Sakura's dorm but they walked pass the wood and Alexander was waiting for Sakura to go by.

"oh i will show you my dorm..." whoosh Alexander jumped down from the tree and kissed Sakura "hay leave her alone"shouted Leon Sakura was about to kick him when he moved "so your Sakura the girl who Thierry likes" "why did you kiss me?" "cause your cute and i like you and it would be a good idea if you didn't tell Thierry we're going out" "WHAT we're not going out" "yer we are i kissed you didn't i" "hay Alexander leave her alone and if you do that again i will kick your ass"said Leon grabbing him by the coller (Alexander is Thierry's older brother so he is a older year)

Alexander move Leon's hand "yer but if you tell Thierry i will know and you Sakura if you tell him i will tell Goodwin that you're a witch" "what how do you know that?" "i have my ways" and with that he was gone "how does he know you part witch?" "i don't know wait how do you know?" "you told me when we was friends but you didn't tell the others" "oh yer".

"But what am i going to do he said he would tell Goodwin"said Leon "i need to tell the guardians" "oh yer you the leader" "yer come on" said Sakura running to the guardian's dorm... 

The End

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