Food lesson disasterMature

2 week and 3 days later...

Food class

Sakura, Thierry, Keeli, Jack, Yusei, Kai and Leon are all in the same food, PE, science and art class. Sakura has gotten to know every in the class but Emma is trying to suck up to her and the guardians as normal, today is a free cooking lesson so Sakura is making strewberry shotcake in wine glasses and she is going to make 50 of them cause they are easy to make and Keeli and the gang are making lemon cupcakes but they put baking soda instead of baking powder but they just started class so they switched them,

" this should be fun" Jack said to Keeli and Yusei but Kai and Leon was more interested in what Thierry was thinking about and what he was day dreaming about cause he was looking towards Sakura and the others. "Hay Sakura what you making?" asked Kelly, "50 strewberry shortcake in wine glasses and how about you?" replied Sakura, "blueberry tart"said Kelly," i'm making apple crumble"said Nicole, "oh yer i'm going to have 10 strewberry, 10 blueberry, 10 raspberry, 10 blackberry and 10 cherry"Sakura said smiling "cool"replied Kelly and Nicole.

"ssssh ready one two three..." "THIERRY"shouted Kai and Leon, Thierry fell off his chair "hay what was that for?"asked Thierry "you have been day dreaming again"said Leon " you been day dreaming for a week now"Kai said, " hay you guys come and help make there exploding cupcakes come on" said Yusei, so they went and helped. 10 minutes later...  

They put the cupcakes in the oven "put it on fall blast" said Keeli, meanwhile Sakura finished the base and cream for all 50 and has just started to sort out the jam but still had some of the cream, " our food should be in the oven in 5" "nearly done"said Kelly and Nicole. "Jack how big of a mess do you think it would be?"asked Keeli and Yusei, "big how about you two?"replied Jack " big", "big" said Leon and Kai, they was just about to ask Thierry " hay Thierry was just there"asked Keeli, Kai and Leon both looked left and right then they notices he was walking over to Sakura.

Thierry put his hand in the bowl that had the cream then Sakura smacked his hand with a wooden spoon "hay don't put your hand in my cream" said Sakura "so what if i do", "i will smack you again" holding a wood spoon in her hand " is that a threat or a promise" replied Thierry with a very cheecky smile, Kelly and Nicole giggle, Sakura didn't notice Thierry had cream on his figure and he put it on Sakura's nose "you look cute with cream on you", " fine if i have cream on me you should to" Sakura put her hand in the bowl and put cream on his face

"hmph" Keeli looked at the cupcakes " they're all most ready" "hay lets get Emma over here" replied Jack "yer but she won't come over to us"said Yusei " hay i have an idea lets ask Sakura to do it " asked Kai " yer, you guys lets go"Leon said walking over to Thierry and Sakura " hay Sakura can you call Emma over for us " asked Yusei "why do you want Emma for? "asked Thierry " i know you're going to get her to come over then the cupcakes will explode in her face right" replied Sakura "urrrrrrrrr well" said Jack, Yusei, Kai and Leon " yer boi i'm in then i love to see that" Sakura said walking over to Keeli with the rest.

"hay Emma can you come here please" shouted Sakura acrossed the room " yer " Emma replied walking over then Goodwin walked in oh bugger thought all of them " well what are you making cupcakes, nice lets have a look" asked Goodwin looking at the cakes and Emma was there to, so they quickly ducked when BANG SPLAT BOOM Goodwin and Emma was both covered in cake and only them two was no one else and some of the floor was covered "KEELI, LEON, KAI, JACK, YUSEI, THIERRY TO MY OFFICE!!!!"

 they was just about to go there when " it wasn't there..."Sakura was about to say some thing "i don't want to here it, i don't care if it wasn't them so don't try to defend them cause they aren't worth it" replied Goodwin " hold on you can't say that about students so just SHUT THE HELL UP GOODWIN" Sakura said in a angry voice "well i didn't know that you can say that Lady Sakura and i think you so come to my office in 10" replied Goodwin leaving and the gang has already left so they didn't hear what Sakura said "Emma go to your dorm and get changed" said the food teacher "yer thanks".

"Every one get cleaning"shouted the teacher "yes sir"replied the class "Sakura i need to talk to you out in the hall" Sakura walked into the hallway "Sakura you're letting your angry get the better of you, you know that" "i know but Goodwin has always done that and he is always trying to show my anger to every one"replied Sakura with her head down

"but your're kind, sweet and nice you don't have a bad side though you're..." "no thats not true i do have a bad side and it isn't good and i try to hide it from the people around me so they don't get hurt" "Sakura" "i better being going so please don't worry about me i'm fine" said Sakura smiling at him, then Sakura walked round the corner  wow that girl has a lot of problems thought the teacher.

Sakura took the long way round the school and on the way she saw the some of the night dorm students in the class room, she stopped and she saw Thierry's brother she did know that but Thierry doesn't know, Sakura turned and walked away but she didn't notice that Alexander was watching her so thats the new girl hmm she's cute i wonder what Thierry would do if i.... thought Alexander turning back to the front.

The End

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