Still running whats going on?Mature

Lap 2 going pass Daminen

"Keeli have you tried to escape yet?"Keeli looked at her like she doesn't know what she is going on about,"cause i know you have before and just be careful if you do"said Sakura with an sad look on her face, "Thierry what's going on with you and Sakura?" asked Kai, "nothing's going on with me and Sakura!"replied Thierry going a little bit red,"yes there is, we couldn't find you at lunch and you're being really nice to Sakura since we arrived here"Jack said running next to him

"there's nothing going on between me and..."he was just about to say Sakura's name when she ran past them with her headphones in and had a sad look on her face, Keeli went next to Leon, "hay whats wrong with Sakura"asked Thierry, " i don't know she asked if we have tried to escape, she knows we have tried to escape before and she said just be careful if we do"," hay wait a sec where is she?"asked Jack, "she was just there"said Yusei looking at Thierry.

Sakura was just passing Daminen, she left Keeli and the gang half way round the field (they had to run round the field 4 times which is REALLY big, they need to run round the out side of the field where there is lots of trees, one or two dorms which are normal size for humans and Sakura is fast as a vampire and they run really fast.) It has taken Sakura 15 minutes to run round the field 1 once so she should be done in a hour or less.

30 minutes later...

Sakura was on her 3 lap nearly on her 4 lap but Thierry and the gang was on there 3 lap and just half way, Keeli and the gang started to slow down but Thierry said "i'm going on a head","okay" so Thierry wants to catch up with Sakura and because he is a vampire so he use his speed and started to slow down before Daminen saw him, " wow you're on your fouth lap, you and Sakura are both doing really well"Daminen said with a smile on his face, " were is Sakura?"asked Thierry, " oh Sakura has just past"replied Daminen, " thanks "said Thierry running to find her. Sakura was taking one of her headphones out then thuoght it's so nice but why do they try to escape i can understand why though,

Sakura was just about to to put her headphone back in when... " Sakura, wait up" shouted Thierry, Sakura stoped and turned to see Thierry, "hay i thought you was with Keeli and the gang?" asked Sakura, " yer but they slowed down, can i run with you?"replied Thierry "sure"said Sakura, so they started running again, " Sakura why was you upset earlier when you was talking to Keeli?" asked Thierry, " nothing ", " yes there is come on Sakura you can tell me " Sakura looked at Thierry, is he conserved about me but when he does escape he won't come back thought Sakura turning her head.

"Sakura"Thierry grab her and pulled her aside behind the trees so the class didn't see them (the class is only just on there second lap and Thierry and Sakura are on there fouth lap and it has been 45 minutes). " Sakura, there is something wrong", " Thierry there is nothing wrong and if there was i would tell you"replied Sakura, Thierry was just about to say something when Sakura wanted to say whats wrong, " Thierry when are you going to try to escape?"

"what i don't..." "i know you and the rest are trying to escape and i know you going to try soon so..."  Thierry pushed Sakura against the tree, " Sakura i... i don't...", "hay Thierry what you doing?"asked Jack, Yusei, Kai and Leon, Thierry thought oh bugger "Thierry what are you doing here with Sakura?"asked Jack. (Sakura is telepathic and so is Thierry and the gang) Sakura said to Thierry i think i'm going to run in sec, you?, yer same hold on ok " hay i thought you guys where on you third lap" " maybe " said Kai, hay try hold on to my hand i'm going to run, Sakura grabbed his hand and they was gone in a second, "hay were did they go?

Thierry and Sakura was half way round the field, " lost them" Thierry said to Sakura still holding her hand, "Thierry you're a vampire, thought so"Sakura said with a smile on her face, "yer i guess you hate vampires?" Thierry let go of her hand " who said i do" Thierry smiled at her " come on then lets keep running"replied Thierry so they did.

5 minutes later...

"Hay you're the only ones who have finish"said Daminen, " yer but it will be a while for the rest of the class to catch up" replied Sakura " can we take a break?"asked Thierry " well this is the last lesson and the bell is going to go in 40 minutes but i think you can let you finish you lessons for to day early so go on and get changed"Daminen said, Sakura started to walk to the changing rooms Thierry was about to start walking when " Thierry i didn't know you can work hard i got told you don't do any thing in class", "yer somethings have changed"Thierry walked away and court up with Sakura.

 5 minutes later Thierry walked out of the changing rooms and thought i wonder how the gang is getting on ,then Sakura walked out wearing a long white shirt, blue ribbon instead of a tie, a blue wasitcoat, a blue check skirt, white long socks, blue pumps and her hair is blue but the school uniform is a blue shirt, red tie, white jumper, black skirt, white socks and brown shoes.  Thierry was wearing a black shirt with a red tie but he has his top buttons undone, boy's white wasitcoat, white trouser and black trainers but the uniform is a white shirt with a red tie, black trouser, brown shoes and blue wasitcoat. "Hay i thought you would wear the normal uniform"asked Thierry " but who cares you look hot"said Thierry, Sakura giggled.

They both went back to there dorms to unpack there suitcases and 10 minutes later Keeli and the gang finished and came back as well.

The End

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