Still in the tree lesson startsMature

"Thierry where are you, get your ass here now” shouting Jack and the rest looking for him," Jinx go back to my room" said Sakura, Jinx jump off of Thierry's lap, down the tree and ran really fast without Jack and the rest noticing," oh bugger" Thierry said to Sakura, "they don't know your up here with me do they?” asked Sakura, "no they don't and if they find me Jack is going to have a go at me again for nothing so be quite” replied Thierry

They stood up and moved back a bit but Sakura's foot slipped and Sakura started to fall back but Thierry grabs her arm and pulls her back against him with his arms around her, " are you okay” whispered Thierry, "yer thanks for grabbing..."Thierry pushed her agaist the tree and pulled himself close to her,"sssssssh they're just under the tree” whispered Thierry, Jack and the rest was just at the bottom of the tree. Sakura went a bit red.

"Hay is there some one up in the tree Keeli"asked Jack,"i don't think so he hates climping up trees, he might have gone back to the dorm to plan our escape"replied Keeli," yer lets go back"said Yusei, they went back to there dorm which was on the other side of the school," i think they've gone now" whispered Thierry, he noticest that he had pulled himself agaist Sakura and he went red to,

" are you ok"said Thierry looking down on her, "yer thanks"replied Sakura looking up at him still red, "you know you look even cuter when you're red"said Thierry with a cheecky smile," you can let go of me now" Sakura said, "but i don't want too"said Thierry then thought  did i just say that out loud. "That's so sweet but i need to see if Jinx got back alright"said Sakura, Thierry let go of her  they're both still red.

Then the bell went for lesson, " what have you got Thierry?" asked Sakura, "i have PE and you"replied Thierry, " the same, do you want to walk together?"asked Sakura, "yer come on then" said Thierry, they both got down from the tree a walked to PE.

PE class starting...

"Where were you?" asked Leon and Kai," i was walking round the school thinking, why?"asked Thierry, "go and get changed now " shouted Daminen, they went and got changed some of the class was already changed. "Hay your Sakura right, hi i'm Keeli"said Keeli,"yer, may i ask are you wearing tackies and hoodies cause i am"Sakura said, "yer i'm i'ate waering those PE clothes" replied Keeli, "same besides no else is wearing them right"said Sakura,Keeli was already changed,"coming"asked Keeli.

"I'll be there in a few k"replied Sakura, Keeli left and out side the changing room was Thierry, Jack, Yusei, Kai and Leon was waiting for Keeli,"i said i would meet Sakura out side, she should be out in a few"Keeli said to the gang, they walk onto the field when..." WHY AREN'T YOU IN YOUR PE CLOTHES ?" shouted Daminen, then just as Daminen was about to go red in the face then Sakura walked out in a light blue hoodie, boy shorts under her black trackies, white and blue trainners and her hair changed to light blue but it was light purple when Keeli saw her in the changing room,

"hay your hair has changed colour and your eyes were purple but now blue"said everyone in the class even Keeli and the gang, "yer my hair and eye colour changes when i want, its weird isn't it?"asked Sakura,"no"said the class, "i think its cute"said Thierry, "it's true that Sakura can change her hair and eye colour but getting back to the lesson, Keeli and the rest shouldn't be allowed to wear hoodies and trackies Lady Sakura" Daminen said with a weird look on his face, Sakura looked at them then looked at Daminen, "they have permission they are allowed"replied Sakura,"who's permission"asked Daminen...

"Mine, so if there's any problem you deal with me ok sir"replied Sakura staring at Daminen with a serious look on her face, "fine, every one get running" said Daminen, " how many laps?"asked Yusei "four laps cause we have new students so GET RUNNING NOW"Daminen blew his whistle and no one started to run, Sakura thought what the heck so she started running "isn't any going to run then"asked Sakura looking at the class

Thierry thought why wouldn't any one oh well i'll  just run with her by myself what luck, Thierry started to catch up with Sakura then everyone else started running as well. Keeli and the rest wonder why Thierry wanted to then realized why so they started running. Sakura and Thierry where at the front which was way way a head, Keeli and the rest barged through the class, " move it or lose it peoples"shouted Yusei and Jack, so they passed through and started to catch up to Thierry and Sakura.

"Have you had a good day yet, then again you don't have the best day here you won't"said Sakura," well i have cause i have met you to day duh"replied Thierry with a cheecky smile on his face and the same with Sakura but she was staring at him, then all of a suddenly someone jumped on Thierry's back it was Jack who had court up with them and Keeli and the rest of the gang was there, "what you doing running for you never run in class"asked Yusei, "yer thats not like you"Leon said, " and your point being?"replied Thierry jogging

Keeli grab Sakura by the arm and pulled her away from Thierry so she can talk, "yo you seem doing alright with Thierry"said Keeli, "yer i'm getting a long with him alright why?"asked Sakura, Sakura, Keeli and the gang was just on there second lap and was just about to pass Daminen, "wait were's the others?"asked Daminen, "we're ahead and they're only half way round"replied Sakura passing him.The others are running fast but cann't catch up to them.

The End

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