First lesson for the gangMature

30 minutes later...

Keeli, Jack, Yusei, Thierry, Leon and Kai was all in the same classes but Sayer is a teacher (age 19) but they all had Goodwin and Daminen but mainly Daminen because Goodwin is the head of the school, so Keeli and the rest sat at the back with there mp3 or mp4 players on and there phones, then Goodwin walked in with Daminen next to him

"class we have some new students,they are Keeli, Jack, Yusei, Thierry, Kai and Leon, stand up now and show your selfs"Goodwin said to the class, they stood up and sat back down again."Oh don't forget Miss Atlas as well" replied Daminen," wait Jack has a sister?"asked one of students, "no i don't she a new student too"replied Jack, "their's no way Lady Sakura can be Jack's family because she is more smarter and better than Jack"said Goodwin, " what did you just say you..."Jack said in angry voice again.

"Thats not very nice Goodwin"said Sakura coming through the door,"nice to meet you i'm Sakura Atlas"Sakura said to the class."Nice to meet you Lady Sakura i'm Daminen","can you not call me Lady"Sakura said to Daminen.

"Wow you coming here too you look pretty"said a group of boys.Then Sakura sat down near to the window, then a teacher walk in and told Goodwin and Daminen some thing,"sorry class we half to go to a meeting but first Emma can you show keeli and the other 5 around"asked Daminen,Goodwin had already left the room.

"Sure", he left,"right let get things straight here Keeli i'm the headgirl and you're just a newstudent here,so you've better do things my way or else"Emma said to Keeli at the front of the class room,"or else what you stuck up son of a...","i'll bunch the hell out of you"replied Emma, " you do and you will deal with us"said the gang standing next to Keeli, then Emma's group got up

"i'ate scared of you"Emma said,then Emma's group went to Keeli's gang and started fighting with them  and one of Emma's group was about to hit Keeli around the head with a chair when Sakura kicked the person into the wall.

"Don't try to hurt them"said Sakura stairing at the girl.The girl got up and the gang went around Sakura "why does a pretty smart girl like you stick up for a loser"asked Emma,"she's not the loser,the biggest loser i see is in front of me"replied Sakura, "why you little..."Emma was about to hit Sakura round the head when Julian and the rest came running through the door "don't you dare hurt her or you'll deal with us"said Julain in a bad mood.

"Oh i'm sorry but she started it"said Emma lying,"how dare you say our guardian leader started this"Momiji said with a angry look on his face,"wait what she's a guardian"said Emma in a worried tone,"Sakura is the leader of the guardians"Rina said, then the bell went for lunch"wait a minture you are all guardians?"asked Yusei,"yes but theres more of us at the dorm and back at the mainhouse"said Hanon, "the guardians are the best people in the whole school and there dorm is huge"said one of the students,"they're guardians in and out of school, they run this school"said another student,"we'll explain more later every can go to lunch now and Emma if you do that again the Guardians will deal with you and it is the same for the rest of you too"said Yuki, everyone went to lunch

"Sakura are you all right?"asked Julain,"yer thanks is she a ..."asked Sakura, "yer she is, ok see you later then,bye"replied Julain,Hanon,Rina,Momiji,Kyo and Yuki.Then Sakura left and Keeli and the gang was confused but Thierry thought wow what a girl.

15 minutes into lunch...

Thierry went for a walk and Keeli and the rest went to the hall because Thierry had a fight with Jack about that Sakura is not from Jacks family because Jack is ugly and Thierry is being moody,they didn't know he was gone he just went, Thierry was walkig past some trees then he saw a cherry blossom tree and thought it would be nice to sit up there, so he'd walk over and started to climb the tree when he saw someone up in the tree "oh its you, i thought it was some one else"said Sakura

"oh sorry i didn't know you were up here i'll go"Thierry was just about to climb down, "oh you don't half to go i don't mind you sitting up here too"Sakura smiled at him,"ok,thanks"Thierry replied, "oh yer about earlyer why did you help us for?"asked Thierry,"well i don't think that was nice what Emma was saying and she's stupid for doing so but are you okay cause you got hit"replied Sakura,"oh thanks and yer i did get hit"said Thierry," are you all right then"asked Sakura, Thierry thought does she really care about me?," don't you think i was worried about you cause i was"Sakura said, Thierry went red and Sakura smiled at him.

Then a black cat with a long tail and a red bow around its neck and tail with a bell jump up in the tree,"Jinx","is this your cat" asked Thierry

" yer it is, i have had Jinx for a while now, some one gave her to me when i was 12 but i can't remember who cause my memory got erases a few years later and so did the other people i met who was friends with that person"replied Sakura, "oh, i had my memory erases to but i don't know why but Jinx is beautiful"said Thierry, Jinx jumped onto Thierry's lap, he was sitting on the branch next to Sakura

"i think she likes you"Sakura said looking at Thierry with a cheecky smile on her face,"i think i like her too"Thierry replied with a smile on his face and a bit red while strocking Jinx, Thierry was just about to ask Sakura something when ...

The End

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