When Sakura arrived at St NathanielsMature

A year ago, Sakura Atlas age 16

Present day:Spring,Tokyo,Japan

Sakura was on the way to her new school, St Nathaniels for the gifted.She was in a limo which the school has gone to pick her up, she looked out the window and saw the school.

"wow it so big but why am i going to school here"Sakura ask the man who was driving.

"Well to be honest i don't really know why Goodwin didn't say"replied the driver.

"Wait did you say Goodwin"Sakura said with a scared look on her face, as if she knew why.

"Yes why do you ask Lady Sakura"the driver asked with a confused look on his face.

"I think i know why now"said Sakura,she thought i know why but still what is he planning?she turn to face the window.

"We're here lady Sakura, it looks like Goodwin made a good choice sending you here" the driver got out and went to get her suitcases for Sakura. At the gate standing there was Keeli, Yusei, Jack, Sayer, Thierry, Leon and Kai has just got there.

"Hay look who's that,must be some lame guy"Jack said to the gang, the driver got Sakura's suitcases and put them by the gate, in the limo Sakura was worried that Goodwin is making her come to this school i have no other choice i half to come here i can't disobay orders but i half to find out what he is planning so it is good i think, the driver opened the car door and to there surprise it was a girl.

Wow she is so beautiful, is she new too,Thierry thought to him self.

"wow it's a girl"said Jack and Yusei

"yer a pretty girl"Thierry replied

"she's new as well is't she darling"Keeli ask Sayer

"must be, hey look Keeli look at Thierry do you think....."Sayer asked Keeli

"yer i do think so too"Keeli replied to Sayer kissing him on the cheeck.Then as just as they was going to say something to Sakura Goodwin appeared.

"Ar Lady Sakura you have arrived safely, i will have some one take you suitcases to your dorm"Goodwin snapped his figure and some one with suitcase carrier and took her bags.

"Don't call me lady you..."

"but why not you are a very important person"said Goodwin with a weird smile on his face. If you don't shut the hell up i'll bunch you in the face, Sakura thought to her self.

"Thats not very lady like Miss Atlas"said Goodwin reading Sakura's mind like a book.

"Hey you just..."," i will show you around,come this way"Goodwin walked with Sakura, then "and you guys welcome to hell"Goodwin said to Keeli and the rest.

"Goodwin is such a weirdo and doesn't that girl have the same last name as you Jack??"asked Yusei,Kai,Leon and Sayer.

"She does but your not related"Keeli said to them

"yer thats right, if she was i would of known about her and she does not look like a vampire does she because my family are vampires remember"replied Jack smiling.

"Thats true, she doesn't look as ugly as you she's much more beautiful than you"Thierry said then thought oh bugger.

"What did you just say Thierry"Jack said in a angry tone.

"I said she's not ugly as you so she can't be from your family"replied Thierry with a smile on his face and a suitcases in his hand and two others by him.

"Why you little..."jack was just about to finish when Leon butted in

"don't you get it he's likes her"Leon looked at him with a smile

"thats true did you see the look on his....."Kai was going to finish when...

"stup the hell up i do not"Thierry went red but then some one from the staff came along and said that they had to get to class,so they got there cases and walked off. Some students took there cases, there was 3 girls and 3 boys who took there cases the 3 girls were talking to each other about the boys "they're so hot","i know they are","he he he".


"The other people have arrived too there was 3 girls who kame a here a few days ago, Riko,Rin and Momoko they were asking if you have kame yet Lady Sakura"said a teacher.

"Why do you call me Lady Sakura for and Riko, Rin and Momoko they was already going to this school sir"Sakura explained as she turned to face the teachers

"oh you can call me David you can"said David, Sakura was in the teachers lounge

"yer you can call us by own names if you want to, well you know all our names"said Anna one of the health teachers. "ok but i won't call your first names in class"Sakura replied."yer that would be best cause the other students won't call us by our first names"explained Charlie.

"Well i better get to my dorm"said Sakura turning to face the door,"you're the guardian leader,so you'll be in the guardian dorm with the others"asked Emily,"yer i am so i'll be with the other guardians"as she turned there was Julian, Rina, Momiji, Hanon, Kyo and Yuki."Long time no see Sakura"said Julain, "Sakura Welcome"said everyone, "welcome Sakura, how have you been,how have you been?"asked Momiji running up to hug her, "hay you guys, i can't belive i'm staying here"Sakura said,"well you're the leader of the guardians so you'll stay with us in our huge dorm", "it is really big and we will be staying all together with the other guardians" said Kyo and Hanon, " yer boi, i haven't seen some of you in a while cause they haven't been to the mainhouse in a while"replied Sakura.They all went to take Sakura's things back to the dorm and they showed Sakura to her first class which was form time .

The End

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