Part life of Sakura AtlasMature

This is what Sakaura is like,family,friends and what she might look like.But what is Sakura Atlas really like, some things are better heard but not said to a living soul........

Sakura Atlas age 17

Present day:Tokyo,Japan Spring

Sakura Atlas is medium height, long light purple, blue eyes like the sky and not skiny not fat but maybe thin. Likes animals, hates evil people but most importantly LOVES TO BE FREE. And has a black cat with a long tail and a red bell and bow around its neck and on its tail and is call Jinx. Has a boy friend call Thierry who is a vampire very cute!!!!!!!!!!

About her family

Sakura lost her family when she was born because of some evil dudes wanted to kill her at the moment she was born cause they know that she was going to be a part witch and didn't want her to be born. In Sakura's family she has her mum,her dad,her brother and a her sister who was born when she was 12 years old but Sakura has always been seperated from her family and was not ment to have contact with them but nobody knows that so Sakura is 17 , her sister would be 5 years old and her brother would be 17 as well but he was born in February (10 febuary) and Sakura born in December (6 december).

But Sakaura is from a very important family she is royal so she is princess of Japan and China because her Dad is half chinese, his family come from China but don't look like chinese, her dad Andrew was born in China (but doesn't look chinese) and her mum Elizabeth was born in Japan and her family comes from Japan.Her parents met in Japan, her dad came for a visit with his family (royal) Andrew(her dad, has blue hair and blue eyes)wanted to look around so he left his family without them knowing and had a look round Tokyo. So no one would recognize him he ware a dark blue hoddie with black trackies and white trainers, he walk all around the city then he walked through the park wich was huge and lots of trees,plants and some water fountain.

 Andrew through to himself "wow this is so beautiful" then as he was just passing the water fountain he saw a beautiful girl with pink hair, blue eyes (Sakura's parents can both change there hair colour and eye colour)  Elizabeth (her mum, also royal but he doesn't know) notice him, she smiled and laughted so he went to say hello so he did, they talk and she said that she would show him some more of the city and the forest.(She was also wearing different clothes) Andrew's parents noticed that he was gone and so did Elizabeth's parents, 15 minutes later Andrew and Elizabeth was walking around the park again then there parents both spot them, then there parents recognize each other then told both of them the other one was royalty.

Andrew,Elizabeth and there parents talked and they were both fine with there kids were friends but what they didn't know was they was in love. The nexted day Andrew had to go back to his country, Andrew and Elizabeth both stayed in contact and they did see each other and got to know each other better, then a few mouths later Elizabeth and her family came for a visit when Andrew found out he was really happy and she was staying for a few mouths, (at the time they were both 15 when they met) they spent a lot of time together and then there parents found out that they fell in love but Elizabeth's family had to go back home, but before she left he told her that he loved her and she told him the same they told there parents and said they can go out so they did.

They went out for 7 years and then they got married at 21 after they got married they both got a dargon mark on there right and goes up there arm and across the back and onto the left arm, the reason they have that mark is because they was both born in the year of the dargon and they can control all the elements but Elizabeth's dargon was wind so she could call upon the guargian dargon of the wind and Andrew's was earth.

When they got married they brought China and Japan together as one but said that Japan can be a single country so it did and thats how Sakura's parents got together.

And when they was 22 they had Sakura's brother Troy, then had Sakura later in the year (Decenber).Also Troy can control the water guardian dargon (ice as well is part of it) Sakura's sister Kisa can control lighting guardian dargon and Sakura can control fire.(Kisa was born in the year of the dargon and so was Sakura,Troy,her mum and dad.) 

Sakura can control:

All the elements (even sound), is a guardian, can sharpe shiffed,is part animal so she can have any animals ears and tail, change hair and eye colour, part witch and angle.

This is just some thing about Sakura Atlas's family life........

The End

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