Part 2

Just a short story.....

I didn't know anymore. I didn't know what to do or where to go, maybe I just didn't know. i didn't now a lot of things. And I don't know them now. Maybe I'll never know them. Maybe I'm contend to being a fool for the rest of my life. A complete idiot with no direction. Just surviving to survive. Maybe I don't know. Maybe I do. Maybe I'm a Fool. But even after you died, I still love you.Maybe I STILL LOVE YOU. But i wouldn't know, now would I? Because you're dead. Now whose fault is that?*******************************************************************************‘It I twas a scary thought to be confused. Confusion led to worrying. And worrying led to ugly wrinkles and pock marks.  And confusion itself was confusing. I mean really what person wanted to spend their own lives walking in circles of confusion? NO. Confusion was best spent  alone  with a nice cup of tea and a funny hat on your knee. It was confusion that led him to this situation. And Goddamitt Confusion would get him out. The Mad Hatter smiled contently at his liquid tea cup. Ah. Confusion, the drink of Madmen. It was a delicious drink, sprinkled with cinnamon. Wait, what was he thinking? It tasted awful!’

“Are you finished, yet?”


“What’s happening?”

“The Mad Hatter is drinking tea.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. But no. Drinking tea in the Mad Hatter’s head is a complicated and diffult process, requiring much thought and concentration. He HAS to remember not to spill it all over himself. Or let it fall. But he does it anyway"

"That's a stupid story."

"It's not a story ,yet."

"Well,that's a stupid character." she said. Janet's eyes drifted off to the street, and across the room to the apartment door. Jake hadn't come back in over an hour. He said he would be back in thirty minutes. He said he would make a quick trip and come back. He said he wouldn't stay long. He said he would make sure he came back safe and sound. Jake said a lot of things. Too bad, he usually doesn't mean it. 

"Guess what."

"What?""There's a dragon running around in wonderland."

"What!" Janet's eyes shifted back into focus like a camera, directing her gaze on me. Good. Good stories always needed captivated audiences.

 " Yup. A freaking dragon."

"But how?" Questions. Always a good sign.

 "Simply. I don't know. But the word around the ole tea kettle is that the Red Queen summoned him." 

"For what? I thought she had the Jabberwocky as a personal pet."

"It's not that kind of dragon.""It's not?"

"Nope." I turned back to my desk and slowly sipped my coffee. Dramatic stories needed dramatic pauses." Well, what happen!"

" What happen to what?"

"Wonderland! The Red Queen! The Dragon!What happen to them?"

"You should be asking what happen to you."


"You're in the story too Janet." I looked at her, opening my eyes a bit widener for affect.

" Ready, short stop..." I stood and walked tot he couch. Sitting on the soft cushions. Janet followed him every step of the way. And sat at his knee, watching him intently. Too late to turn back now.

Deep Breath.

"Once upon a Time ...."

The End

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