Parents DivorcingMature

August 5th 2013

3 years have passed since the beginning of this story about a young teenage girl's life there has been much despair, change, heart ache and adventure in her life and the lives that surround her.

Today is the day that she looks back at everything she has faced throughout the years that have passed as she manged to find a method of coping through discovering her parents want to divorce, Mark suffering from depression and money becoming tight.

Molly soon discovers that once of these problems has finally been solved so she is one step closer to having her life back to normal. Well as normal as it will ever be as these have been huge life changing experiences that will follow in her footsteps wherever she travels.

Molly and Mark's dad open a letter that allows them all to eliminate one worry that had been circling through their minds in a constant never ending circuit that made them feel like they were being suffocated inside. Mark and Molly's parents are now legally divorced by law so the ending to that chapter has finally been written so now they all feel more free from themselves.

The three of them will  face the remaining problems together it doesn't matter how long it will take but it will be worth fighting in these dark times as it will all lead to a shinning new future.

As Molly knows she has loved ones surrounding her that will refuse to let her fall so they will stand and fight by her side no matter the danger. Molly knows the true power that friendship and love can have on you she always valued friendship and love before these events occurred.

But now she has been through so many changes in such a short amount of time she values her friendship and love more then she ever did before. As she knows deep in her soul these people will help her feel whole again and they are the key to her strength of fighting for the future she has always dreamed of.

                                                 The End

The End

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