Parents DivorcingMature

Molly woke to the sun beaming through her bedroom curtains so she knew thought she better get dressed so she could find out what the new day would bring her. 

Unfortunately she soon discovered that the day would bring wasn't at all what she had in mind,as the scene that unfolded in front of her eyes was her mum packing her stuff ready to move out.

So Molly did the only thing she knew she could and that was to follow her rule of helping at least one person a day so she helped her mum carry the boxes of her stuff to her car and unloaded it in her new living accommodation. Which was a small flat not too far away from her own home with her brother and farther that put a smile on her face as her mum kept her word of never being too far away.

Home felt strange as if it knew that something within it's walls was missing. But that is ridiculous as it is a building made up of bricks and mortar so you know that something is severely out of place when you fell your house closing in on you so it can embrace you in a warm,caring hug so it can mend your broken heart.

But no matter how hard the house tired it could NEVER mend Molly's broken heart the only thing that could would be acceptance and time. So then she could discover what lead to these recent events, and then it can be locked away in memories that will stand by her for the rest of her life until the day she dies.

The End

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