Parents DivorcingMature

Molly saw the heart broken look in her mother's eyes that is what caused Molly to hesitate with her answer of who she wanted to live with.

Molly thought to herself well here goes something I guess as after all they are pressuring me into making a decision.

Molly" I choose to live with my dad, I am sorry I would live with both of you if I could. But I don't want to leave my brother behind as we are siblings".

Molly stood frozen in place. What had she done but what could she do no matter who she chose she would hurt the other so either way she lost by hurting the other person.

A flood of emotions rushed to the surface sadness, pain, betrayal, confusion, loneliness and above all LOST.

Molly thought to herself why couldn't she just find somewhere to hide away from this nightmare. Yeah that is what it is a nightmare when I wake up all of this pain will go away and this whole thing never happened as life will be back to normal.

I just know that when I wake up tomorrow everything is going t be right again or so Molly thought. As deep in her heart she wanted everything to be healed  in ways that are impossible,not even time would cure the wounds that had been created  between her parents for so many years.

The End

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