Parents DivorcingMature

This is a story about a young girl who one day gets delivered the news about her parents. How will she cope with this situation? will she ever be happy again?

Molly is a happy 16 year old girl who just finished a chapter of her life. This chapter was High school the place of misery,rules, deadlines, laughter and friendship as this chapter may be tough at times but it allows teenagers to learn the way of life. 

Some of these lessons are cruel, bitter, twisted and they keep pushing you until breaking point but with every problem, situation or stuck up asshole that treats you like dirt. There is another type of people always not too far away and they are called saviours or commonly known as your friends.

These friends are difficult to find in this place of learning and you feel like it is hopeless so you fall to the ground crying out for someone anyone to clear the darkness that surrounds the whole atmosphere and reveals the light. Then suddenly that hand appears to help you off your feet so you can tackle the darkness and anything that is thrown at you.

So Molly had faced the challenges that she had to face with her friends but now that chapter has come to a close a new chapter has been opened to one day reveal to the world what type of person Molly is destined to become. 

Molly thought to herself life is going great I have family and friends that adore me and I can't wait for my first year at college in September.

Life was perfect and nothing could bring the walls of Molly's life down or so she thought.

The End

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