Your face is frozen in a perpetual sneer

As you look down on all around you

Yes you can cry, let fall a single tear

But really being human just isn't what you do

Yes you can smile even laugh

But it never reaches your eyes

You have no concept of consequences, of the aftermath

Yes you have friends but no deeper ties

You could see deeper than the skin,

But why bother when your skin looks so good?

Face if gold, heart of tin

You don't understand, but you could.

You could let go of fracticious friends

Abandon your monolouge of demeaning gossip

Forget about keeping up with the latest trend

Worry more about being soulful than being hip

You could but you won't.

Instead you'll grow up, move away

Life will take back the gifts you were loant.

How I pity your popularity.

The End

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