Side by Side

  My eyes wearily freed themselves from one of the dreadful memories I still kept.  The horse's rough breath had torn me from such undeserved rest.  My hands bolted back to reins that I had dropped, and I craned my neck around to see where the world had pulled me while I had embarrassingly fallen asleep.

  The horse snorted as I shuffled around, mocking me for letting something so simplistic overtake me.  I hung my head slightly and patted him on the neck.

  "Won't happen again.  I'm sorry."

  The black eyes of my ride looked at me for a moment, then pulled off.  For a moment, I thought I heard a shallow voice whisper in my ear.

  You amuse me.  It's like you still think I don't know where to go.

  But this had brought up a point.  I had gone one too many nights without rest.  And I wanted to save myself the shame of ending up asleep yet again.  The sun had fallen not long ago as I saw by the streak of red hue over the distant mountains.  And we were in the vast prairies that broke the steep and snowy cliffs.

  I tugged back lightly, letting our fast trot slow entirely.  Something feintly sniffed behind me, and suddenly, the pair of arms on my back had closed tighter.  I half heartedly tried removing her, but found that attempt to be futile.  But my cold fingers and scratchy bandages obviously had irritated her to the point of waking.

  She was startled to say the least.  Her already pale face even whiter as she awoke suddenly and pushed away from me.  But her balance couldn't be commended.  Even slightly.  She fell fast and hit the grassy field with little sound beside her own little grunt of pain.

  I threw myself off the horse, which was trying to find a bed of moss or something worth sleeping on.  Before I freed him to do so however, I waved him back so I could take the canister of  ignition fluid for a small fire.  Purely to ward off anything that slithered prone through the grass about.

  The girl watched me warily, which wasn't a bother really.  It did force out some thoughts of disdain for myself though.  This whole situation was something I created without much consideration or, even worse, restraint.  I hadn't considered the fact that I now cared for two.  I didn't try to imagine what kind of issues I'd have if she betrayed me. And even worse-

  What if she tried to make me human again.




The End

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