Chapter 8Mature

I wait.

                The darkness is almost loud and I’m constantly reminded horrifically of Calvin. He wouldn’t see much but darkness, he wouldn’t be seeing anything any longer. His smile... his eyes...

                I blink my eyes open from my bunk when I hear the tip-tapping at the door.

“208B!” The voice is familiar and calm, but I cannot remember where from, then, “It’s me, Kirsty, let me in?” The insane amnesiac pyromaniac, wants into my space.

                This is going to be good.

“I can’t. I thought they locked the doors!” I hiss back, refusing to get up, refusing to cross the room because it’s big and the floor is cold... and I’m scared of her.

                I’m not insane. My inner voice demands it, and just as quickly, it’s replied to by an equally-me voice.

                If you’re not insane, why’re you here?

                Because I’m talking to myself? Because they didn’t believe you?

“Excuse me, I hate to break up what I’m sure is an intelligent conversation that's going on up there, but you look like you could use a good meal, and maybe a drink of something that isn’t the consistency of maple syrup.” I blink and look at the girl who is, currently, leaning over me with a small smile on her face. Her nose is a little crooked but it seems to be the only massive flaw in her face.

                I thought crazy people were deformed, ugly, because they did... ugly things?

“Hello in there 208B...” She smirks and I feel my face heat up, “I like that. ‘S a good nickname. What is your name, by the way?”

“Oh...” I stop and look up at her, “I’m-”

                Once again she cuts me off, this time with a hand across my mouth so my name comes out muffled and awkward.

“Quiet!” She hisses, “Can’t you hear the footsteps?” I shut my eyes and strain to hear, but no, I can’t hear anything.

“No... No, I can’t-” She rolls her eyes at me, and then suddenly they’re wide and panicked.

“Don’t say that!” She’s shrill, “Please...” She drops her gaze and stares at the floor at my feet. “They keep changing why I’m in here... I can hear them all the time and they won’t leave me alone.” I look at her and smile as she looks up at me, fear in her eyes. “Please can we go and get something to eat? I’m hungry and I know where the real... I mean really real food is.”

“I...” I look at her, “I...” she looks as though she’s sad for a second, where my hesitation puts the blocks on everything she wants to do, “I could eat... yeah.” I nod and she smiles at me, her eyes wide with happiness rather than fear.

“Good. Come with me?”

                She holds out her hand and I cannot help but stare at myself as I feel my fingers lace with hers. I am hungry... but am I mad?



                Stupid inner voices.

The End

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