Chapter 6Mature

I woke up to a white ceiling, white walls, white bed, and a disgusting white dress. I looked at the walls and saw only a white door.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed. Do you know how it feels to be this secluded from the outside world?

As I get up from my bed, it all comes back to me in a rush. My head spins and I have to sit back down again as I recall how I got to be  in this room.



After running out of Calvin's house, I'd finally found my way home. I walked in and realized, only after my mom had screamed, that I was covered in blood. I looked down, and my white shirt was now died blood red. She ran to the phone and quickly dialed the police. Crap.




I was wheeled away in an ambulance bed. The paranoia came back in a wave, and I drifted off to sleep as the ambulance driver stuck some type of drug into my arm. I panicked and tried to lash out at him, but my arms were attached to the damn gurney.


After that, I remember nothing. I still wish you were here, helping me. It would be so much easier! You would know how to get out of this white room. Oh no, they’re coming. I swear if they hadn’t given me my laptop, I would’ve run away much faster than I’m going to now.  They open the door and peer in, but all they see is me sleeping. Stupid hospital people, when I finally run away, they’ll never know what hit them.

The End

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