Chapter 3Mature

The room is dark and I can smell the dank air. There is mold everywhere by the smells of it, and in th distance, there is an echo,

drip, drip, drip.

I try to lift my hands to wipe the hair from my face, but they are bound behind me. I look down at my legs, and realize that I am sitting in a chair. I look around and see four concrete walls. I sart to panick. I let out a scream containing all my lung power, bu all there is is a muffled mutter. I'm also gagged. I start rocking in my chair and tumble to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I see someone walking towards me, I relax a little. They continue walking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They have two metal feet, that could easily crush my skull. The figure finally reaches me, and yanks my chair and me up off the floor by my hair. I scream again, but there is almost no sound. The figure, a man, looks me in the eyes.

" 'Night 'Night sweetie,"

There is a flash of silver before the world is splotted with red, then turns black.


I practically jump out of my skin as the banging continues in the real world. I'm almost certain that I have peed my pants in the dream from fright.

Bang! Bang!

"Hurry up hun, or you'll be late for school!"

I look down at my blue plastic watch, and realize it's 7:50am. I hurriedly gather my laptop and run out of the bathroom and up the stairs to my room. I jump in the shower, hoping to wash away last night's dream.


Ah, school. You know, you're really the person I want to be with right now. School is stupid. No one learns anything, except maybe how to get some toungue anad your brains sucked out through-

But that's not important.

I sulk through the halls, wondering when I can get back home to my laptop. Mom's working late again tonight, hopefully she remembered to pay the electricity bill this time. I walk over to my locker an see, on my personal list, the hottest Dork at my high school. He has short brown spiky hair, he's not muscular, but he's fit, and not too skinny so he's still cushiony. I smile at him and he smiles back.

"Hey babe! How was your night?"

"Meh, nightmares and other crap, as usual, you?" I reply casually, trying desperately to hide the flutter of my heart behind my ribcage. He's been my bestfriend and crush since grade three, he shouldn't make my palms sweat. Of course, I've already told you all of this, but reliving it just makes it so special.

"Played some Call of Duty and some Fat Cat. You know, I just got the new C.o.D. You should come over tonight, maybe we'll play?"

My relief is practically palpable as I realize I won'y be alone tonight.

"For sure, how about 5ish?"

"Sounds good?" My crush, his name is Calvin just in case you forgot, comes to my side and links arms with me. "May I have the honour of walking thee to class m'lady?" he asks like a true gentleman.

"Why you most certainly may kind sir!" I say curtsying to him.

As we walk down the hall, most of the people glare at us,

but you know me don't you.

I smile like a fool, all the way to gym class.

The End

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