December is cruel. The ever howling wind has a harsh bite, and it stings my face as I slowly fight against the elements to return home.
Each step is weighted, and my bones call out for relent.

I walk alone.
Nobody would notice if I was there, if I bothered to enquire for a companionship.
And the same is true reversed, for I have far too many important thoughts pervading me. I cannot waste my attention on the mindless.

As the snow begins its onslaught, my consciousness trails itself back, to attempt to discover the original causation of my problems.
The many branches of my investigation unanimously conclude upon one, misanthropic explanation of these issues.
Every problem derives from humans.
I am not as a human, as humans are irrational, and flawed. 
Somebody who possesses what I contain within my head cannot possibly associate with those unworthy beasts.
They do not deserve to exist on this planet.
Driven with a new sense of purpose, I commence in conjuring a plan to destroy those who pull me down, and continue to defile the meaning of intelligence and perfection. Disgusting beasts.
I shall wipe them out, and all shall be perfect, and I shall have an entire planet to create my dreams.

The End

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