T manipulated the being to device an apparatus that would be able to generate enormous amount of energy, millions of volts which was beyond the capabilities of all the generators currently in existence ate the moment on the planet to produce. In order to achieve the transmission of the being's thought over the distance required into the atmosphere where T would be able to intercept and integrate with the thoughts with his consciousness, such power was required.

As the apparatus that the being built generated higher and higher voltage, T couldn't help himself but to feel excited. His wait after all those cycles is finally coming to an end, he could almost feel it. His consciousness would be assimilated soon.

The constructions of the tower had finally reached the necessary heights, as the being threw the switch and fired up the contraption, it finally managed to separate the little piece of consciousness from itself. T was finally whole again.

T locked on to another region in deep space, he took one final look at the blue planet and on the being that has been his companion for all those cycles, in his own ways he bid a farewell to this place and launched himself off into deeper space. As he left the planet, in his wake, the sky was lit by an incredible lightning discharge that spidered across the entire hemisphere. The being looked up at the spectacle in the sky,electricity it thought for a while, it could feel there was something more to that, alas the though eluded him and he dismissed it from its mind.

The End

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