While growing up, Nikola was fascinated by math and science. He has such affinity towards those subjects such that he was able to perform incredibly complex calculus in head. And he has such vivid imagination that he was able to develop and perfect any contraptions in his mind without ever building a prototype and it's guaranteed to work as imagined once put into form.

It was so hard to believe that Nikola was able to perform all those at his age and had even given cause to his teacher to come to the conclusion that he has been cheating in his study. But of course they could not prove it so as it was the case in the first place. His incredible faculty of the mind had been cultivated from young and Nikola was a genuine genius, way ahead of his time. He rarely took rest and devoured all the books that he could obtain, soaking up all the knowledge he come across. He completed his school terms in considerably shorter period compared to his peers.

Europe where Nikola has spent his early and growing years for the better part of his life had slowly lost its charm. The wind of political and ideology change was slowly taking over on this continent, conflicts and strife were becoming common place.

Nikola moved to the United States in his late twenties. United States during that time was going through rapid industrialisation and urbanisation development. It was the becoming the centre of attention in the world of technological system, some of the greatest mind flocked together. Nikola made his way to New York City which would become his home henceforth.

When Nikola first arrived in New York City, he worked for Thomas Edison. In the course of his employment with Edison, he improved and redesigned large number of machinery in Edison's laboratory.

As a young man worked a lot with electrical components. Nikola also was credited for the invention of the alternating current system, which is still the form in which electric power is delivered and transmitted today. He powered mankind into the modern age.

Wardenclyffe Tower was the culmination of Nikola's experiment into wireless power transmission. In his mind he had found the perfect way to use earth and its atmosphere as conductors to transmit signal all across the globe. This behemoth of a tower, a monstrosity made of copper and steel rose nearly 200 feet was built on Long Island.

Unbeknown to all, his experiment was actually successful. His first world communication system did make contact, but unfortunately his first contact with the extra-terrestrial was also to be his last. As he powered on the system on a cool summer night, the night sky was illuminated by flashes and streak of lightning arc that shoot off out from the tower. At the same time, Nikola felt a presence leaving his mind behind. He felt light headed.

In his twilight years, Nikola was a very different person compared to his younger self. He had trouble to clearly express his thoughts, things slip his minds and he lead life with a slower pace as a consequence. Once where he was able to recall every single details of the sights he saw, the book he read, the conversation he heard was now replaced with a hazy and incomplete mental image.

But for once in his life, he felt free and liberated for some inexplicable reasons. It was as though a great weight has been lifted off his mind and he was finally found himself. The constant drive to work and immense pressure he feels from all his highly keen senses had dulled.

He walked slowly now in his new daily routine to the park. As he sat on his favourite bench in a quiet corner of Central Park, he took out a bag pigeon feed. The pigeons crowded around him expectantly, Nikola dipped his hand into the feed bag, took a handful and spread the seeds in front of him. The pigeons noisily begun to pick and eat the seeds of the ground. As he sat there and watched the pigeons, a grin crept onto his face, Nikola was contented.

The End

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