T was curious by nature and his transformation had not diminished this nature in any measure. After a few revolutions around the star, he learned more about his new abilities. He learned that the consciousness that he has planted in the being is able to leave an impression and in doing so, he was able to urge the being to carry out his will.

T realizes that his acute senses also allowed the being the enjoy the same capabilities. The being by having a fraction of his consciousness is able to have its senses magnified hundreds of times stronger than the average being. And this power had not reached it full level, its limit unknown.

This ability manifest stronger when the being is bathed by the light of the yellow dwarf star. T could not explain this power that the starlight impart on the being, all he knew was that it worked. Given that, he manipulated the being to get as much exposure to the starlight as possible to increase its potential.

T understood that thoughts are basically electricity of the biological variety. And he thought to himself, electricity can be transmitted and perhaps with that he could in a manner upload his piece of consciousness from the being back to his main body, metaphorically. He begun to set his plan in motion, to get the being to create the necessary apparatus to unleash the power required to transmit its thought outward. That task would consume the being for a great deal of time to come. 

The End

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