The leaves rustled in the gentle westerly wind. Nikola closes his eyes, he feels for the caress of the wind on his face and took in a lungful of the cold morning air. He notices the smell of beech, spruce, and pine. As he concentrates further, he could detect a hint of salt. From this Nikola could deduce that the wind blew from many miles away, across the Adriatic Sea and down the Velebit mountain range.

He always had very keen senses, the slightest stimulus is an explosion of nerve impulses in his mind. Uncanny how it's as if his mind is connected to the environment.

Over the horizon, the sky was turning a pale violet hue. This was his favourite time of the day, catching the dawn twilight and waiting for sunrise.

He climbed up the barn and stood on the thatch roof, to catch the first ray of sunlight. His tropism towards sunlight has become his daily routine with no fail. Like a plant that track and grow towards the sunlight physically, Nikola is affected but from a mental faculty, like his mind is nourished by sunlight.

As the light enters his eyes, Nikola could feel a sensation as if his mind had caught fire. In those moments, he could see clearly visions a fantastical world that seems impossible yet he knows that it is to be.

He felt compelled to invent the things he saw in those visions, to bring about the devices that he sees into the world. At times, it's almost as if his thoughts and actions are directed by an external power and he's merely carrying out some mysterious commands.

The church bell can be heard as it rung through the heavy dawn mist that draped across the woodland, calling the faithful to prayer. Six in the morning, Nikola thought, father would be in the church reciting the liturgy of the hours. Nikola's family was devout; he was taught to seek all truth in the Bible but he developed his own notions on religion and mankind's place in the universe.

His father wanted him to enter priesthood in his footstep but Nikola has very different idea, almost skeptical of the Orthodox teaching even. In Nikola's view mankind unity and oneness of its place in the universe takes centre stage, [...Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them...]. In short, we are all one.

The End

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