T was in his pod investigating a cosmic anomaly, the site of a collapsed remain of a hypernova. The region of space was still unstable, spacetime distortion was still trying to heal itself from the massive star explosion that produced the event.

Suddenly his on-board scanner picked up a surge of energy, it was the beginning of a wormhole formation! T could not believe his luck, such a rare occurrence happening in his proximity. The data that he could obtain from this would be invaluable to his research in the understanding of the fabric of spacetime.

T moved his pod into position and fired up his scanner to record the event before the wormhole collapse and evaporate. Electromagnetic field energy reading that he got suggested that this could be a traversable wormhole. Though there was no way for sure to know which part of the universe or even if it would be the same universe that is connected at the other end.

Wormhole are also extremely unstable spacetime deformity and this one was collapsing quickly. There was no time to think, T decided to seize the chance and attempt the crossing. He pushed his pod into the wormhole event horizon, the point of no return, and took a leap of faith. T became the first being ever to travel through a wormhole.

But T miscalculated, before he could completely clear the wormhole conduit it collapsed on itself into a singularity... and T passed out.

T found himself completely enveloped in darkness. He has no idea how much time had passed. He became aware of himself though he could not feel a physical presence, just as a stream of consciousness and much more. His bodily form and his pod no longer exist but he could feel himself in control of all capabilities of his pod, it seems the passage through the wormhole had broken down him and his pod and somehow recreate or combine him into a kind of sentient energy form.

Slowly T could feel himself being ejected into another existence from the singularity. He found himself on the surface of a star. G-type main-sequence star, a yellow dwarf star, T thought to himself or at least the pod part of him. This region of space was unknown to him, he scanned the region and detected 8 orbiting planets. One planet appears to be in the habitable zone, a blue marble against an inky blackness.

T decided to head towards that planet and pushed himself off the star. As he left the star surface, a white light flare could be observed on his tail heading towards the blue planet. In mere moments, he arrived and found there to be lifeform on the planet surface. T was just getting used to his current form, he has yet to find out his exact abilities and limits of what he could do. T decided to communicate with the being he saw, he found that he was able to implant a piece of his consciousness inside the being's mind.

In doing so, T's little piece of consciousness became fastened onto the being unable to release itself back to join his 'main' consciousness. The being's nerve centre possess tremendous energy that tied his consciousness with it. Thus,T decided to spend a little time and observe the situation, he was in no hurry and he was not ready to depart without his entire consciousness. It felt, for lack of a better word, incomplete.

The End

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