This is a short story on an alternate reality on the life of Nikola Tesla.

In this reality, all things are connected. Events, however near and far, can have effect and interaction upon one another. An aurora is one such manifestations of these interactions, an indication that the Sun and our Earth are intricately connected in miraculous ways. As solar wind with energy bestowed by the Sun gusts through space and collides with the magnetic field that cocooned our planet, it excites the particles that are in the atmosphere and gives off lights of myriad shades.

In the year 1859, Earth was hit by a massive geomagnetic solar storm. The biggest ever recorded. So powerful, it was seen the world over, even down as close to the equator. It lit up the night skies with radiance so bright as though dawn has come earlier. As if Aurora, goddess of the dawn, had come out to dance in the skies all over Earth. A cosmic display fuelled by electric and magnetic energy.

During that period, telegraph system was the only form of long-distance communication available. Electric currents from the aurora kept the telegraph system worldwide flooded with signals. Messages were still being transmitted despite the operators having disconnected the batteries from the telegraph circuits. When mankind had developed telegraph for long-distance communication, we had not envisioned communication from outer space, the Sun reaching out to earth wanting to be heard.

At the height of the event, the cry of a new-born was heard. These were the circumstances surrounding Nikola's birth, in the night that was lit by the brilliance of aurora. Perhaps this had changed him in some inexplicable way, Nikola had always been a bit peculiar, even from an early age.

The End

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