Time travel Paradox

A strange, but graying old man
met me on a cold street one day
told me to follow his instructions
to the letter I was to implicitly obey

Told me of an encounter
that would soon change my life
Would meet a woman beautiful
who would also become my wife

With him I then travelled
to an unfamiliar place
and there told to wait
until I saw her face

Finally the moment came,
saw her standing there
Mesmerized, I walked towards her
yet completely unaware

I can't quite explain,
t ‘was love at first sight
First time I was happy,
my misery turned into delight

She gave birth to a child,
the old man soon appeared
implored I must go away
I denied, but he persevered

I told I now had responsibility,
but he said that there was none
I told him about my child,
who was now missing -gone!

Reluctantly I went away,
never to see her again
The woman lived on alone
now only with her pain

Angry at being jilted,
her identity she changed
She decided to become a man,
her body rearranged

The old man too disappeared,
the child with him taken
leaving it at a doorstep,
before the family within awakened

This is my sad story,
quite strange as you imagined
I was that woman, the young man
and the old to my chagrin!

I traveled back in time
to meet the younger me
I convinced myself to meet,
and then set what was to be

I am the both the beginning,
and also strangely the end
With time, such travel possible,
but with paradoxes one must contend

The End

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