Dreaming, Praying, Hoping. Dreaming for happiness, for wishes, and for new perspectives on life. Praying for love, for health, and for the prayers themselves to come too. Hoping for things to go right, things to go wrong, and for new ways to learn. All things good and bad go back to three simple concepts, Dreaming, Praying, Hoping. All things in life either go good or bad. Some good things make our hearts flutter off like a butterfly, or just a simple rush of adrenaline to give us a momentary sense of joy. Bad things happen to pull us away from the good. To show us that what we put into this life, what we get from might not be the best. While stuck on this bad part people suffer and go into darkness only to see, that life may not always be what you want it to be. People will come out and see the light and realize that they need to good and the bad of life. With out the fine line of both people wouldn't realize the pain of the bad or know the richness of the good. For one to Dream Pray and Hope, Shall get from the dark and back up to the light.

The End

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