Comfort and A Little Advice From A WitchMature

Sylver sat in the armchair by the hearth in his room, he’d barely moved for two days. Turning his head slightly he smiled as Deacon wriggled in his sleep and began to snore softly. The vampyre sighed looked down at his hands, an icy chill spread through his veins, his breath misting in the air. On the bed Deacon grumbled and curled deeper into the thick duvet. Sylver shook his head and the heat from the fire began to spread again. The vampyre stood up and gripped the back of the chair, his vision narrowed down to an ugly vase on the shelf nearby.
“Damn it.” he swore as he slumped down onto the thick carpet.
The next morning Lou groaned and rolled onto his back his muscles taking their time to realize that his mind was awake.
“Sorry” Dorian said as he pulled on a deep purple dress coat. “I was trying not to wake you”
“S’alright.” Lou muttered stretching his arms across the bed. “I was awake already.” Dorian smiled warmly at him. “Sorry about last night.” the daemon yawned.
“Which bit?” Dorian chuckled. “when you yelled at me? Or when you kept waking me up either by growling or telling someone off in your sleep?”
“Did I?” Lou looked carefully at the witch wondering what he’d heard.
“It’s okay.” Dorian sat down beside the daemon.
“It’s not,” Lou said sitting up, his hair sticking out in all directions. “you were trying to help." he lifted the edge of his t-shirt to show a deep, black puncture wound just above his hip bone.
“Is this what made you yell?” Dorian asked pulling a small pair of glasses from his breast pocket he looked closely at the wound, Lou nodded.

Gabriel jumped as Dawns hand gripped the claws that rested on the duvet, Gabriel looked down at the soft fingers.
“Hey, sweetie.” Dawn smiled tiredly.
“Morning.” the vampyre tried to hold back a yawn, he was exhausted but wide awake and it was irritating him.
“Did you sleep at all?” Dawn asked sitting up a little in the bed.
“I tried.” Gabriel sighed lighting a cigarette.
“What’s wrong?” Dawn asked cautiously, hoping the prickly vampyre was still in a talkative mood.
“Just restless, I guess.” Gabriel lay back against the propped up pillows and Dawn reached over tucking the covers I around the vampyres thin frame. Then gently and not without a little wariness, he slid one arm around the vampyres chest, beneath the covers his hand settling just beneath Gabriel's arm. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing.” Dawn lay down his head beside Gabriel's shoulder. “I’ve already done what I wanted to do.”

Dorian felt Lou’s grip tighten on his shoulder as the witch gently prodded the edges of the black scar around the daemons neck.
“Lou.” Dorian peeled the daemons fingers from his now undoubtedly bruised shoulder. “these should have healed by now.” the witch said more himself than the daemon.
“I know.” Lou rested his hand gently over Dorian’s shoulder again as if to apologize. “I haven’t had time to stop and work out why.” Dorian stood straight his eyes moving from the horrendous wound on the daemons waist.
“You’ve just answered your own question.” the witch chuckled kindly “you need time to relax and a little TLC wouldn’t go amiss.”
“TLC?” Lou frowned in disbelief “from whom?”
“Whoever you want.” Dorian smiled handing Lou his shirt. “there are certainly a few witches who would oblige, let alone a few of your daemons.”
“No.” Lou said sharply, turning away from the witch, Dorian saw the briefest flash of the daemons wings as they slumped down.
“No?” Dorian said softly his tone thoughtful. He rested his hand gently between Lou’s shoulder blades feeling the pleasant buzz of the magick that kept Lou’s huge wings hidden. “Then how about I do it?”

The End

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