Lou's Own PainsMature

“Dawn?” Gabriel said softly, the daemon twisted and lay down facing the vampyre.
“I’m okay.” Dawn's voice was barely audible.
“Is that daemon code for not really okay at all?” Gabriel asked.
“No, its vampyre code.” Dawn said looking at the vampyre, he couldn’t help but smile as Gabriel laughed. The vampyre tugged the covers up over both of them hearing Dawn sniff miserably.
“Then, I’m okay too.” Gabriel said Dawn felt a tentative hand rest on his shoulder and he covered Gabriel's claws with his own fingers.

Lou followed Dorian blindly down the corridor, not noticing where they were going. He didn’t look up as Dorian rested a hand on his arm, to stop him.
“Lou?” Dorian said gently the daemon met his eyes.
“I didn’t know.” Lou said “I mean, I didn’t realize.”
“Maybe not,” Dorian smiled resting a hand on the daemons cheek. “but now you do and you can do something about it.” Dorian turned and opened a door pulling Lou forward as the daemon sighed and looked back down again. Lou felt thick carpet beneath his boots and looked up seeing royal blue walls and an enormous four poster bed, clad in black silk.
“Where are we?” he asked suspiciously.
“My room.” Dorian said moving to pull the curtains across. “get changed.”
“Into what?”
“Your night things.” Dorian chuckled “get some decent sleep.”
“Huh?” he warily watched the witch move around him.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to molest you.” Dorian laughed “unless you really want me too.” Lou raised his eyebrows. “get some sleep, you’re exhausted.”
“I’ll be alright.”
“Perhaps, but without sleep you’re grouchy and argumentative.”

Lou sank gratefully into the clean, crisp sheets and a wonderful feeling of calm rolled over him. Dorian moved to stand beside him.
“Promise me you’ll try and sleep.” he said “stay as long as you like.” Lou nodded and closed his eyes as Dorian turned away.
“You can stay.” Lou said Dorian turned to look at him.
“People will talk, Lucifer.”
“I really don’t give a damn.” Lou grumbled, he yawned and rolled onto his side as Dorian chuckled and moved to the other side of the bed peeling his red and gold dress coat off.

Lou felt the strange sensation of someone moving in the bed behind him and he shifted slightly, his mind fogged with sleep.
“Dorian?” he muttered, his voice thick.
“Yes?” came a sleepy reply, an arm slid around the daemons waist. Lou’s back arched and his pain filled cry woke Dorian completely, the witch sat bolt upright.
“I’m alright.” Lou said before Dorian even had a chance to speak. The witch heard small sounds of pain from the daemon and gently pulled the duvet down resting a hand between Lou’s shoulder blades.
“Let me see.”
“I said, it’s nothing.” Lou growled curling his body tighter, his arms wrapped protectively around himself.
“Nothing doesn’t make anyone yell like that.” Dorian frowned he stroked Lou’s dark hair feeling pain induced sweat that had broken out over the daemons now pale skin.
“It’s nothing.” Lou growled firmly.

The End

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