Dawn's Own TemperMature

Lou was sat in the chair by the hearth a book in his hand, he was just staring at the pages blankly. The door opened and Dorian looked up to see Gabriel and Dawn. The vampyre walked to the bed without acknowledging Lou or Dorian.

“Okay,” Lou stood up closing his book. “So, what happened?”

“You say,” Gabriel grumbled “I'm all talked out” he dropped onto the bed and wriggled until his head rested comfortably on the headboard.

“Well,” Dawn said sitting down beside him. “It’s official, that I absolutely adore someone who needs a straightjacket for his next birthday.” Dorian chuckled as Lou sat down beside him. “Gabriel has been thinking about the situation we’re in.”


“Absolutely not” Lou snarled standing up and spilling his book onto the floor.

“it makes sense.” Dawn argued.

“We’re not ready.” Lou snapped at his son.

“No, the army isn’t ready and we have no idea what’s going on” Dawn said.

“We’re in top form, are we?” Lou laughed bitterly.

“In a few days” Dawn said “we’ll be fine.”

“You are not going to Paradise, none of you.” Lou's voice shook the room slightly. “She’ll kill you.”

“No,” Dawn tried to shout over his father’s volume. “There is actually the basis of a plan if you sat down and shut your mouth for five minutes.” Dawn roared Lou froze, staring in surprise at his son. Even Gabriel sat up to look curiously at the daemon. Lou sat heavily beside Dorian looking in wary wonder at Dawn.

“I'm listening.” He said quietly.

“First, I would like to clear something up.” Dawn growled his voice was low again but the deep crimson lines that crawled lazily over his skin gave his anger away. “You may be my father, I may love you  but I will not take orders from you. I managed for long enough on my own and didn’t get myself killed.” Lou was just staring at Dawn as though he'd never seen him before.

“Okay,” he said sullenly “I won’t interfere anymore.”

“No,” Dawn said in exasperation “I want you to interfere, tell me when I'm being an idiot but stop speaking to me as though I'm a stupid child or one or your lackeys, I'm not a child anymore.” Lou started slightly as Dawn stopped his breath hitching slightly. Lou stood and wrapped his arms around his son.

“I'm sorry” Lou whispered “I didn’t realize you had grown up.”  Dawn nodded mutely against his chest before wrapping his own arms around his father. “It seems we should have spoken about this some time ago.” Dawn nodded and pulled away moving to sit down again. Gabriel quickly squeezed Dawn's hand and Dawn's fingers wrapped around the cold claws not caring that they bit into his palm.

“Maybe we should discuss this later,” Dorian said calmly “when everyone is a little calmer.” Lou looked at Dawn who was sat staring at his own knees, trying to breathe normally as the red lines on his skin slowly receded.

“How about, I head down to the baths and we talk tonight?” Dawn nodded once and Lou picked up his bag and with one last look at his son he followed Dorian out of the room 

The End

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