Worry and a Little Bit of SanityMature

Dawn led Gabriel along to their room and picked up clean clothes before leading him down to the bathing quarters. Lou flopped down onto the sofa bed his arms over his face, Dorian frowned and sat down beside him. “What in seven Hells just happened?” the witch asked.


In the bathing quarters, Dawn insisted on joining Gabriel in the tiled room even if he had to sit behind the dressing screen. In the end the vampyre just swore at him and stormed into the small room leaving Dawn to close the door.

As Gabriel sank into the hot water, closing his eyes as the heat instantly began to relax his muscles, Dawn spoke up from behind the screen.

“So,” he started warily. “Are you going to tell me what that was about?”

“What, what was about?”

“That” Dawn took a breath trying to keep his voice level and anger and concern raised his temper. “The training session from Hell.”

“I'm out of shape, that’s all” Gabriel scrubbed his hair, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen to make sure Dawn didn’t move.

“No you’re not,” the daemon argued “and even if you are that is not the answer, gentle and repetitive. That’s what you always taught me.”

“I suppose” Gabriel muttered “it’s just…”

“Just?” Dawn prompted after a few minutes silence.

“I don’t know, Dawn” Gabriel sighed rinsing the soap from his long hair. “I just need to be busy.”


Dorian looked down at Lou.

“Well?” the witch asked his heart was just slowing after his well hidden fright at the look in the vampyres cold gaze.

“Well, what?” Lou asked feeling a little stunned too.

“What was that?” Dorian held his shiver back as he remembered the power that had risen around Gabriel. Lou looked thoughtful.

“I've seen something like it before.” He said “in Paradise, Gabriel used to do the same, he would shove all his problems away and occasionally he would explode. This though,” Lou shook his head “I have never seen anything quite like this.”

“I don’t understand.” Dorian frowned “are we safe?”

“Gabriel's box is full and something made it overflow and he blew. Basically Gabriel is batshit crazy.”  Dorian frowned unsure how to deal with the volatile nature of the vampyre.  “Don’t worry, Dawn can usually talk him down.” Lou smiled seeing the witch’s worry. The daemon ran over the events of the morning in his mind and his smile faded as he remembered the expression on Gabriel's face as he had untangled himself from Dawn's arms. ‘Unless’ he thought ‘Dawn caused it’

Gabriel quickly pulled on a clean shirt and untucked his braided hair.

“Can I come out yet?” Dawn asked hearing Gabriel moving about.

“whatever.” Gabriel grunted Dawn moved out into the room and looked carefully at Gabriel. The vampyre looked tired and annoyed.

“Can I ask what got you so angry?” Dawn prodded gently.

“Everything” Gabriel growled, then his shoulders slumped his wings lowering. “And nothing.” He sighed fumbling with his buttons. He just dropped his arms as Dawn reached out and took over buttoning the dark gray shirt. “More than anything, Dawn. I'm at a loss. I need to sort this mess out and I don’t even know where to start,” Dawn smiled gently and rested a soft hand on Gabriel's pale cheek.

“Start from the beginning” he said “don’t worry if you think I already know just know that I'm listening.” Gabriel looked at him sharply and then smiled as Dawn passed him a cigarette.

“Let’s take a walk.” 

The End

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