Gabriel's MadnessMature

The thundering beat of his own pounding heart roared in Gabriel's ears as he moved. He didn’t hear Lou's warning call as the daemon stood.

Dawn stood too and motioning for Lou and Dorian to stay put, he swiftly circled behind Gabriel and picked the first broadsword he saw from the rack behind the vampyre.

“Gabriel.” He called moving into the vampyres sightline. He deftly raised the sword up against a vicious downswing of the axe. Even with the obvious exhaustion and the sweat soaked skin, Gabriel's eyes burned into Dawn's, the daemons muscles screamed in protest as the axe bore down. “That’s enough” Dawn snapped Gabriel snarled his eyes blank. He broke away from Dawn’s sword backing up. He watched Dawn carefully through sweat soaked hair that fell over his eyes.

Slowly Dawn raised his free hand and placed it palm first over his heart, pointing the sword tip at the floor. His eyes didn’t leave Gabriel's own dark blue gaze as he bent his knees and lowered the weapon to the floor.

Gabriel waited until the daemon was standing again before he straightened and rested the handle of the axe on the wooden floor, leaning on it like a walking staff.

“What?” he growled his breaths were sharp and ragged and electricity snapped and crackled down his damp braid.

“Enough,” Dawn said softly “you’re going to kill yourself.”

“I'm fine.” Gabriel snarled sweeping his damp hair out of his eyes.

“I think the baths are calling you.” Dorian said starting slightly as Gabriel's head snapped to the side to look at him. Lou and the witch were standing close by. “Relax for a little while and maybe more later.” Gabriel’s now icy blue eyes bored into the witch then he turned back to look at Dawn.

“Please?” Dawn stepped forward and gripped the axe handle Gabriel held on for a moment before sighing and letting go. Dawn was right, now he'd stopped the burning pain in his arms and shoulders was overpowering his emotions. 

The End

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