Dawn's JealousyMature

Gabriel saw Dorian before he found an empty room.

“Good morning” Dorian smiled warmly.

“Hey”  Gabriel muttered  shifting from foot to foot.

“Are you well, Gabriel?” Dorian frowned slightly.

“Just looking for somewhere to train” Gabriel's eyes flicked to look down the corridor past the witch.

“Alright but please answer my question” Dorian's voice was gentle but firm.

“I'm fine.” Gabriel finally looked at him and Dorian realized how on edge the vampyre was. The witch nodded and rested a hand on Gabriel's arm, with the other hand he pointed.

“Head down there, take the stairs to the bottom, go right and you want the last door on the left. That one’s usually empty.”

“Thanks” Gabriel said, he pulled out of Dorian's soft grip and headed down the corridor, the witch stared after him for a moment.

Lou and Dawn saw Dorian hurrying down the hall towards them. The witches head was turned to look back along the corridor.

“Dorian?” Lou said loudly as the witch almost walked straight into him. Dorian jumped and stumbled, Lou's arms wrapped around him quickly stopping the witch from falling.


Gabriel turned a small bronze dial just inside the door and four lights blazed into life around the huge room, illuminating tall weapon racks covering three walls. He crossed straight to the axes and staffs on the left. Running his claws softly over the metal he smiled as he smelt the tang of steel and beeswax. Feeling himself relax a little he breathed deeply the familiar scents making him feel a little more at home.  Dawn's behaviour had unnerved him more than it usually did. He shivered as he felt the shadow of the daemons body pressed against him, the ghost of warm breath on his neck.

He growled and lifted a two bladed battleaxe from the rack and hefted it between his hands. Twice the weight of Hyperion he stumbled slightly as he over swung. Sniffing slightly he stepped out into the centre of the room with the axe.


“He seemed very agitated.” Dorian said as he led the two daemons quickly down to the training rooms. The witch shoved the door open and froze as his amber eyes fell on Gabriel. The vampyres slim form moved effortlessly with battleaxe that was clearly too big for his small frame.  

Dawn pushed past the witch and stopped his own dark eyes taking in the scene, he felt fire begin to pulse through his veins as he watched the vampyre who seemed not to notice that he had an audience.

Dawn didn’t take his eyes from the vampyre as he moved to the dim edge of the hall on Gabriel's right and sat down heavily. Lou closed the door softly and gently led the spellbound witch to sit beside Dawn.

“I never thought he'd use a weapon.” Dorian said vaguely his eyes still fixed on Gabriel.

“He doesn’t like his claws.” Lou said keeping his voice low.

“I don’t see why” Dorian smiled “I like them.”  Dawn swallowed the snarl that was threatening as irritation at the witch fueled the fire in his body.

“So do I” he managed his voice slightly choked.

Ten minutes later the fire had gone and Dawn was frowning.

“Dawn?” Lou said quietly seeing the look on his sons face.

“Something’s wrong.” Dawn hissed “he's drenched”

“He’s exhausted” Dorian agreed “why doesn’t he stop?”

“Gabriel,” Lou stood “that’s enough.”  

The End

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