Gabriel is Getting Annoyed AgainMature

Gabriel had new, black linen combat trousers on and sitting on the edge of the bed he tugged a snug fitting black t-shirt over his head. Dawn rolled over and stretched his arms out across the bed.

“Looking good.” He purred from behind the vampyre. Gabriel tensed slightly his wings twitching but he didn’t turn to look at the daemon as Dawn sat up and loosely wrapped an arm around the vampyres chest.

“Shut up” Gabriel growled, from his position at Gabriel’s back his head resting on the vampyres shoulder Dawn swore he saw the small flash of a smile.

“Why?” Dawn whispered feeling the cold silver earrings pressing into his cheek.

“Dawn, get off.” Gabriel snarled all chances of a smile gone.

“In a minute.” Dawn chuckled his breath tickling Gabriel's neck. Across the room Lou sat up, woken by the voices in the room.

“Dawn, let the boy go. You don’t know where he's been.” He smiled tiredly. Gabriel managed to stand taking Dawn with him the daemon hung on for a moment before shifting his legs so he knelt on the bed, still holding the vampyre tightly. Gabriel growled and stepped forward and Dawn wobbled, quickly letting go before he was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor. He lay back down his arms stretched over both pillows a small smile on his face as he watched Gabriel.

“Any plans, Gabriel?”

“Training” Gabriel said sharply, straightening his clothes.

“Gabriel, take it easy” Lou warned.

“No sparring, either.” Dawn added Gabriel looked at Lou then at Dawn his brows knitted in annoyance.

“You two are as bad as each other.” He snapped before storming to the door.

“Just be careful, you’re still injured.” Lou said seriously. Gabriel didn’t even react instead he wrenched open the door and slammed it behind him.

“Would you call that a reaction, or an overreaction?” Dawn said sitting up.

“Should we worry?” Lou asked quietly

“I would like to keep an eye on him,” Dawn said standing he began to strip off his night clothes, smiling slightly as he thought of the vampyre. ‘Or two’ he added silently. 

The End

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