Sylver's ConfusionMature

Deacon watched Sylver from his relaxed position on the bed.

“Sylv?” he said carefully, the vampyre didn’t respond. Sylver hadn’t moved for the last hour, sitting in a deep armchair by the fire, he looked like a statue.  “Sylver?”

“Hm?” Sylver hummed not moving, his green eyes stared at the dying fire.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“I'm fine” Sylver shifted slightly and finally looked up shifting his gaze to the high ceiling. Deacon moved from the bed and knelt down in front of the chair, resting his elbows either side of Sylver's legs. he studied the vampyres face, his gray eyes worried.

“Is it me?” he asked, Sylver looked slightly shocked as his head snapped down to look at the daemon. He smiled sadly and pushed Deacon's blonde hair out of his face.

“No” he said warmly, “it’s not you.”

“Gabriel?” Deacon tried but Sylver shook his head.

“No,” Sylver took one of Deacon's hands. “For once.”

“Then what?”

“I was thinking about the party, when Wick…” he stopped “I can’t explain.”

“I don’t believe it” Deacon chuckled “I never thought I’d see you lost for words.” He rested his head on Sylver's knee. “Try” he added quietly.

“Something in my head, when I got angry…” Sylver paused trying to find the words. “Like something switched on or a band snapping.”

“I thought your mental elastic snapped years ago.” Deacon smiled up at him as he felt a slight rise in the vampyres mood.

“No, it snapped when I fell for you.” Sylver laughed then his smile faded “it’s like I remembered something I didn’t even know, even though I still can’t remember what it was.”

“That makes no sense” Deacon frowned sitting up.

“I know, it’s just when I got angry.” Sylver shook his head “I don’t know.” He sighed rubbing his temple with two fingers. “I’ve never felt cold fury like that, I wanted to kill her. To kill something.”

“And?” Deacon asked “I think a lot of them felt the same.”

“That’s why I turned and scrubbed the rest of those symbols out.” Sylver said “so I could think.”

“Gabriel would have just fried her,” Deacon stood and perched on the arm of the chair, wrapping an arm around Sylver's shoulder. “I'm glad I picked the rational brother.”

“What should I do?” Sylver sighed not really expecting an answer.

“About what happened?” Deacon asked Sylver nodded once. “I don’t think you can do anything until you know what DID happen” the daemons confusion was increased by Sylver's own sense of bewilderment, but it didn’t quite block Deacon's sense that something was happening inside his partner that he didn’t like. 

The End

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