Finally a New Chapter (or A Failed Attempt Realized)Mature

A few days passed quietly. Lou was laying on the sofa bed a book in hand, his eyes staring blankly at the pages. He looked up only when he heard Gabriel move.

“Morning” Lou smiled as Gabriel stood up. “How are you?”

“Sore.” Gabriel muttered wincing as he stretched. Lou sighed as Gabriel pulled a cigarette from the pack with his teeth. “You?” The vampyre looked up at the tired daemon, Lou nodded.

“About the same” Lou stood putting his book down.

“It’s not working.” Gabriel said bitterly “is it?”

“I don’t know.” Lou said not wanting to confirm the vampyres disappointment. He saw Gabriel pull the curtain across the bed and sat back down again.

Gabriel pulled on black jeans the cigarette hanging from his mouth and then he tugged a loose gray shirt over his sore back and moved back into Lou's line of sight.

“Can I see?” the daemon asked as Gabriel straightened the Velcro beneath his wings.

“Not now, Lou” Gabriel said his thin body felt heavy and sluggish as the thought of another failed idea sank in.

“After breakfast?” Lou asked gently as Gabriel prodded Dawn awake.

“Perhaps” Gabriel muttered as Lou began to strip off his night clothes.


At breakfast, Lou, Gabriel and Dawn were quiet. Dorian looked worriedly at his guests.

“Is everything okay?” he asked his voice unheard by the rest of the noisy table.

“Later” Lou replied the witch nodded.

“Just so you’re aware Wick has her powers back.” Dorian sat back crossing his long legs.

“Has it been a week already?” Lou asked his hand tightening around his mug of steaming coffee.

“I’m afraid so.” Dorian said trying not to show his concern as he saw Gabriel staring down at his clawed hands. Lou sighed and settled back on the large couch staring up at the painted ceiling, his dark eyes picked out three cherubs before he heard a crunch and something hot spread over his hands. “Lou?” Dorian cried. The daemon looked down to see shards of china on his thigh and in his now bloody hand.

“Dorian, I'm so sorry” he said dully. Dorian gently pried the shards of Lou’s coffee mug from the daemons hand.

“Don’t be.” Dorian rested a hand on Lou’s uninjured wrist. He waved his hand over the daemons lap and the material of his jeans dried instantly.

That afternoon Gabriel was sitting on the bed his head resting on the headboard. Dawn looked up from his drawings as Lou came in.

“How is everyone?” Dawn asked Lou nodded.

“Fine, as far as I can tell.” He said taking off his jacket. “Sylver seems a little distant but they’ve settledin nicely.” Gabriel suddenly stood and grabbed his coat from the rack by the door.

“Where are you going?” Dawn called.

“Out” Gabriel snapped closing the door behind him. Dawn moved to stand up.

“Leave him.” Lou said calmly “he's upset”

“It hasn’t worked has it?” Dawn sighed sitting heavily again. “How’s your hand?”

“fine.” Lou said fiddling with the bandage Dorian had wrapped around it, “the tonic made me feel like I was on fire, the scar it was used on is open again. I’d hate to think what it’s done to him.”

“I wish he'd realize that they’re not that bad.” Dawn said

“Dawn!!” Lou’s voice was shocked but tired. “They’re horrendous.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Dawn lit a cigarette, “they are awful but they're not out of place.”

“Because you’re used to them and love is blind,” Lou smiled “don’t forget that they hurt.”

“I know,” Dawn said “I just wish I could help.” 

The End

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