Dorian's MoralsMature

Dawn looked at the almost healed cut on the back of his hand, the tonic seemed to work well enough, but he wasn’t sure he enjoyed the idea of being a guinea pig. He looked up as the sofa bed creaked, Lou was attempting to read but kept shifting uncomfortably. Beside Lou, Dorian watched Gabriel who was propped up in bed beside Dawn.
“Lou?” Dawn frowned as his father shifted again but the large daemon shook his head trying to ignore the burning line between his shoulder blades. Lou glanced up at Gabriel but the vampyres blue eyes were blank and staring.

“How is it?” Dawn asked a hour later, he had his sketchbook in his lap.
“I don’t think its working” Lou sighed as he stretched his legs out on the bed. The prickly burning was spreading out over his shoulders and he wriggled again.
“Give it time.” Dorian said resting a warm hand on Lou’s leg. “is he okay?” he asked nodding at Gabriel.
“He shuts down when he’s uncomfortable.” Lou said quietly, Dawn nodded and took Gabriel’s cold hand, the vampyre didn’t respond.
“As long as you’re sure.” Dorian said softly, then he turned to Lou. “so, Lucifer. How long are you and your rabble staying?”
“Trying to get rid of us already?” Lou smiled, Dorian chuckled, Dawn saw Lou visibly shiver and he frowned.
“Not at all,” the witch laughed. “you’ve come into my home, caused chaos, pissed off my head shaman and generally excited everyone.” he grinned “I’m loving every minute.” Lou and Dawn laughed too.
“Well, I think we’re pretty settled for a short time,” Lou said “besides the fact that Morgan isn’t really fit for travelling far.“ Dawn nodded in agreement.
“I’ve got Jess looking after her and your daemon Berith” he smiled “she’s a stunning creature.”
“Don’t you ever think of anything else?” Lou asked Dorian looked amused.
“Actually my intentions are usually completely innocent but people always assume the worst of me.”
“Besides the fact that she’s taken.” Dawn couldn’t help the words.
“Taken?” Dorian frowned “I don’t believe that being someone’s partner makes them property.” the witch’s words were light but serious.
“Nor do I,” Dawn sputtered “but it does incite a certain level of loyalty.”
“I’m not disputing it.” Dorian smiled “but just because someone’s on a diet doesn’t mean they cant look at the menu.” Dawn didn’t quite know what to say. “besides, I’m not looking for a partner at the moment so you can reign in your outrage.” Dawn growled low in his chest.
“Then what’s the face for?” Lou asked ignoring Dawn
“I am actually obliged to take a bride.”
“Why?” Dawn asked hearing the melancholy in Dorian’s voice, “you’re king.”
“But I cant change the rules.” Dorian smiled patiently “only my queen can do that. I sometimes wish I could change things.”
“Maybe you should try.” Lou said seeing the witch’s eyes travel over him. “be tougher with them, tell them you’re changing the rules. It worked for me.”
“And me” Dawn said “then again I was crazy, so that helped.”
“I would get lynched by Wick and her supporters.” Dorian laughed Lou twitched as he felt an invisible finger run softly down the back of his neck. “then again…” Dorian purred thoughtfully.

The End

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