Cleaning UpMature

Gabriel stood near the blazing hearth, his eyes fixed on the flames, as Lou cleaned Dawn up. The three gouges near the daemons collarbone weren’t as bad as they looked.
“Gabriel?” Dorian said moving to the vampyre “are you…”
“No, I’m not all right” Gabriel muttered not turning to look at the witch.
“Don’t you dare blame yourself for this.” Dawn growled from the bed “it was an accident.” Gabriel turned to look at him.
“It always is.” he sighed he sat down in the armchair by the fire.
“It sounded like a bad dream, though.” Dorian said, gently he rested a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder feeling the vampyre tense beneath his fingers.
“It was nothing.” Gabriel said defensively, Dawn laughed derisively.
“It was the worst one you’ve had for years” he argued sitting up, Gabriel turned his head away fixing his eyes on the fire.
“Come on, Dorian.” Lou said squeezing Dawn's shoulder gently. “Lets go and see what’s for breakfast.”
Dawn heard Gabriel sigh as Lou and Dorian left, he moved to Gabriel crouching beside the chair he rested his chin on the vampyres shoulder, feeling the slight tremor that still ran though the alarmed creature.
“I love you” Dawn said softly, resting his hand on Gabriel’s other shoulder, Gabriel sighed again and reached up covering Dawn's fingers with his own clawed hand.
“I know Dawn.” he said gently.

At breakfast Gabriel was sullen and quiet, beside him Dawn pushed his food around his plate. Wick served the last witch and sat down in her usual place, glaring down the length of the table at Gabriel.
“So,” Dorian said “because of the abrupt end to the celebrations yesterday, I have decided to give everyone another day off.” he looked at Wick for a moment longer before turning his attention to Rega, who was at the table for the first time in days.
“Nema and Rega, can I see you both after breakfast.” a small witch, sat beside Rega, nodded her almost shaved head. Rega looked at Dorian his head slightly tilted. “Problem?” Dorian smiled pleasantly
“Curiosity, apparently, killed the cat,” Rega purred and licked his black nose “or so the old proverb goes, so, no there is no problem.”

Dorian hurried to catch up to Gabriel after breakfast.
“Are you okay?“ the witch asked quietly as other witches made there way through the corridor.
“Fine.” Gabriel said shortly.
“Wonderful,” Dorian grinned “I was hoping you’d say that.”

The End

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