Bad MemoriesMature

Dawn opened his eyes and smiled as he looked down to see Gabriel still fast asleep on his chest.

Gabriel could only see darkness around him, his arms ached fiercely from holding his own weight as he hung in the dark. He winced, closing his eyes against the light, as the door opened.
“Awake at last.” a voice said gently opening his eyes slightly he could see his mothers silhouette in the doorway. “you know why you are here”
“I do not, mother.” Gabriel tried to keep his voice level as he felt sticky blood soaking into his tattered shirt and the waistband of his trousers.
“I will not tell you again.” Aura sighed “I have told you the rules repeatedly and repeatedly you disobey.” she took one step back into the lighted corridor. “we will speak again soon.”
Gabriel landed in a heap on the cold, stone floor as the heavy, wooden door slammed shut. Gabriel stood shakily and limped to the door.
“Mother?” he called running his fingers over the solid door, he could find no latches or a handle. “Mother, let me out.” he yelled panic rising in the darkness. He slammed his fists into the wood as hard as he could. “Let me out.”

Dawn yelled as sharp claws sank into his chest, tearing through the delicate silk.
“Dawn?” Lou sat up, startled by his sons cry, his hair stuck up in all directions. Dawn clenched his teeth as he gripped Gabriel’s wrist pulling the tips of the vampyres claws from his chest. Gabriel yelped in his sleep and the hand that Dawn held clenched tightly. Lou moved to Dawn’s side as a pained scream tore from Gabriel’s throat, Dawn let his wrist go and pulled the vampyre tightly against him.
“Gabriel, wake up” he said firmly trying not to panic himself, his small wound was forgotten. Dorian moved to Lou’s side his amber eyes wide.
“Come on” Dawn softly.
“When you said he has nightmares, I never expected…” Dorian’s voice trailed off.

Gabriel cradled his bloody hands against his chest, sitting on the cold floor he rocked slightly back and forth. He looked up suddenly as a distant cry met his ears.
“Dawn?” he whispered his throat was raw from shouting he stood slowly, listening carefully. The sound came again and he slammed into the door.

Gabriel’s eyes snapped open and he let out an anguished cry against Dawn's chest, before his mind narrowed as the smell of blood met his confused senses.
He pushed against Dawn fighting the bloodlust that shot fire though his veins.
“Gabriel,” Dawn said trying to keep hold of the struggling vampyre. “Gabriel, stop, its me.”
“I’m aware of that.” Gabriel snarled “get off”
Lou moved gripping Gabriel’s arms he pulled the vampyre from Dawn's grip.
“Lou,” Dawn snapped sitting up Lou saw crimson lines flick over Dawn's face and hands.
“You’re bleeding.” Lou said calmly his arms still around Gabriel’s chest as the vampyre glared at Dawn.
“Let me go.” Gabriel said and he propped himself up in the bed his head down, breathing hard. Dawn looked down at the blood that was slowly spreading over his chest.

The End

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