Dorian's WarningMature

“So, what are you hoping to try on him?” he asked quickly changing the subject.
“Hoping?” Dorian asked.
“You think Gabriel will just let you try experimenting on him?” Lou pulled his night clothes from his bag.
“I should get you all fitted for new clothes.” Dorian said seeing the tattered tracksuit bottoms “and maybe I won’t be experimenting, thanks to your friend Rega the potions labs are in uproar.”
“Why?” Lou asked stripping his jacket off.
“Because that creature is a genius, he should come up with something.”
“He is good.” Lou nodded undoing the small hooks that did his waistcoat up.
“I’m keeping you up.” Dorian said.
“No, I just need some rest, sleep isn’t as abundant for me as it used to be.” the daemon seemed to sigh as he turned his back and nonchalantly stripped his boots and trousers off.
“So, that tattoo does go further.” Lou could hear the smile.
“I was young” came the customary answer.
“You still are.” Dorian said as Lou turned to him straightening the tracksuit bottoms. “For your species anyway.”
“Perhaps.” Lou said Dorian looked at the black, bruise like scar around the daemons throat.
“Aura did some damage” he said softly tracing the edge of the mark with a finger.
“How did you know?” Lou asked Dorian rested a hand on Lou’s chest and the other on his cheek tilting the daemons head back he looked at the shadow of Lou’s death.
“When you disappeared, the planes rippled, and the balance shifted.” the witch’s words were careful and calm. “No neutral ground exists now and Aura knows that” Lou looked down at him in confusion. Dorian’s amber eyes were glassy and unfocused. Lou moved gripping Dorian’s shoulder. “the planes are shifting,” Dorian muttered “war comes to all.” Lou tried to steer Dorian to sit on the edge of the bed but the witches limbs refused to move, his eyes snapped to the side to look at the daemon and the vampyre in the bed. “Eyes open,” he snarled “be careful.” the amber eyes brightened slightly as the eyelids slid halfway down.
“Dorian?” Lou said quietly feeling the tremor start in the witch’s limbs. Dorian didn’t respond as Lou waved a hand in front of his face, he clicked his fingers. “Dorian, snap out of it.” he said firmly Dorian flinched away from the hand in front of his face.
“I…I…I’m sorry.” he said suddenly blinking “I must be tired.” Lou gripped the witches shoulders gently.
“Are you a seer, Dorian?” Lou asked sitting the witch on the bed, Dorian blinked up at him in confusion.
“I used to have visions as a child” he said sounding dazed “but not enough to become a seer.” Lou let him go and Dorian swayed slightly. “I think I’ll go to bed.”
“You will not.” Lou growled “you will stay here where I can keep an eye on you.”
“You can keep both of those beautiful eyes on me.” Dorian tried to smile as he stood, stumbling he landed on his knees on the carpet. Gripping his head he groaned. Lou wrapped one arm around Dorian’s chest and pulled him to his feet.
“No flirting, no jokes.” he said concerned about the witch, “bed now.”
“Yes, sir” Dorian’s body felt weak and shaky as Lou covered him up. Lou watched him fall asleep quickly and looked over at Gabriel and Dawn.
“What in hell is going on?” he muttered to himself.

The End

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