Dorian's ReasonMature

Gabriel didn’t sleep despite the exhaustion that weighed down his limbs. Beside him, Dawn was awake too, feeling the vampyre shift and wriggle around beside him.
“Gabriel?” he sighed after an hour. He propped himself up on one elbow, just able to see the vampyre in the dim light. “Do you want painkillers?”
“No,” Gabriel let his hands drop onto the duvet “I want something to knock me out, I cant get comfortable.” Dawn could just see the wide, icy blue eyes and the look of irritation on the delicate features. He smiled and lay back down tapping the vampyres shoulder. Gabriel’s head rolled to the side, seeing the daemon almost perfectly in the low light.
“What?” he growled as daw held his arms out.
“Come here” Dawn said firmly.
“Dawn.” Gabriel’s tone was low.
“Nothing funny” Dawn laughed “come here.”

Lou and Dorian came back into the room quietly.

“So,” Dorian smiled “they’re not together?” Lou looked up and saw Gabriel curled up his head resting on Dawn’s chest a clawed hand in front of his face. Dawn's arms and right wing were wrapped around the vampyre. Lou laughed softly.
“not as far as I know.” he said gently.
“Lou,” Dorian turned to the daemon “I wont fight him.”
“What?” Lou’s face darkened and Dorian raised a hand for him to wait.
“Before you dismember me, let me finish.” he said calmly “I wont until I’ve tried to heal the scars, how long has he had them?” 

"Years.” Lou sat down on the edge of the sofa bed “I couldn’t tell you exactly, I doubt he could either.”
“And from rumours, even with them, he’s a formidable opponent.” Dorian sounded thoughtful, Lou nodded slowly looking at the witch.
“I’ve ever seen him fight properly,” Lou said “but even the scraps I’ve seen were impressive. imagine what he’d be like without them.”
“Exactly” Dorian’s voice was vague now, lou frowned thoughtfully then turned on the witch.
“And what do you gain by helping him?” he growled
“I was only thinking, that maybe he could end this war.” Dorian sighed “and I would gain what you do.” 

“Which is?” Lou hissed Dorian’s amber eyes met Lou’s.
“Peace, Lucifer.” the witch said turning back to the sleeping pair. Lou studied the young face thinking, not for the first time, that Dorian sounded old. “I am, Lou” Dorian said not looking at the daemon and Lou shivered wondering how much of his mind the witch could see.

The End

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